Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Arizona part 1

I was only home from Utah for 3 full days before we were back on a plane, headed to Arizona this time. It was really more of a pit stop. Tatum and I were lucky enough to have Grandma come with us on this trip and we surprised Mara with our tag-along. Our week there was a lot of fun, but definitely exhausting in it's own way. Tatum is not a stellar sleeper away from home and the excitement of having playmates in the same house caused all the kids to wake up earlier than usual. Combine that with our late nights chatting and we were all quite tired by the end. As you will see in the next few posts, I managed to take a lot of pictures. But simultaneously I managed to not get any of mom and Mara together, Mara and I together or heaven forbid, all three of us in one shot. We really do need to be better about taking pictures of things other than the kids. 

We got a direct flight to Phoenix and we lucked out with Tatum getting her own seat. It was great.
 Jade came with Mara to get us at the airport and she and Tatum were beyond excited to see each other. It is pretty amazing how Skype can help them have a relationship/at least know who they are at such a young age. I am so grateful for technology for that reason.

We had to stop at Target for a few things right off the bat and these two were crazy crazy in the cart.
 Tuesday was our first real day in Arizona and we decided to start off our trip doing what my dad (and Ben and Brennan) would probably say we do best, shopping. Mara took us to some new outlets which ended up being highly disappointing with no good deals.

Tatum wore a barrette in her hair for the first time that day. Big milestones, people, HUGE!
Hitching a ride from aunt Mara.
Mom and Jade matched that day. And can I just say my mom is quite the grandma. All 15 of her grandkids seriously think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even though I was a little bitter that Jade really couldn't have cared less that I was there ;), I really think it's admirable how much she works at having relationships with so many grandkids who are so spread out, in age and location. Check out Tatum's rosy cheeks after we were done at the outlets. She definitely wasn't used to the heat yet.

I just had to share this awesome photo of Ella showing off all her rolls. She was a dang good sport all week as we carted her to and fro and worked at entertaining the older girls. She is a chill baby.

That night we got some yummy tacos from Costa Vida and headed to nice dark park for a picnic. The evenings were so beautiful, they cooled off so nicely. The dog park was definitely a hit. Tatum is obsessed with dogs and Jade was loving walking around holding her hand.

I was really trying hard to get a decent picture of the them walking around like that because I thought it was adorable. But both my phone and my camera struggled with the lighting. And then Jade thought it was hilarious to start running right at me when I would squat down a ways in front of them to snap a photo. Little stinker.

Case in point. I don't know about you, but I see a little mischief in her eyes. :)
Grandma also got both girls on the tire swing. Can't really see it in the picture, but Tatum's face was priceless. A little woozy looking.

On Wednesday Mara had to work in the morning so mom and I took the girls out for a long walk in the morning and stopped and played at the park.

I believe once Mara got home we just went swimming and hung out around home, but I'll post all the swimming pictures later. Ben had to go to the grocery store that evening and he brought the girls suckers. It was Tatum's first and it was a hit.

Blurry, I know, but I love that Jade put her arm around Tatum.
We made them go outside with their sticky suckers and I went out to find they had both found a seat in Jade's little house. Just hangin' out.

On Thursday we took the girls to Kids Club at the mall where they sing songs with the kids and give them a little prize and then they can ride the carousel and get an ice cream. Well lucky for them they have a really nice grandma who added ride weird animal things around the mall to their list of things to do there. Jade thought it was pretty great, Tatum seemed mostly indifferent but she did stay on for most of the ride. Somehow I never got a turn! Not fair. :)

Mom spotting the girls and mom looking a little scared when after she joined them. :)
 Mara taking a turn with Jade. We really had this animal for a long time. So long that mom even took Jade back to trade it for a gorilla.

 Lucky girls. Lucky grandma.
 Riding the carousel. Horrible picture but at least it documents that it happened right?

 Later that afternoon we went back out to run a few errands and they passed out. Mwahahahahaha, our plan worked. haha
 Waiting for grandma at Kohls.

 Whew. That was a lot of pictures and we aren't done yet. But what a fun start to a great trip! Blogging about it is making me wish we could go back. :(

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  1. That was seriously a great trip! We miss you guys a ton! I love the pictures, especially the one of Ella haha so funny! And jade has those mischievous eyes quite often!