Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Arizona part 2

The Arizona fun continued on Friday with a trip to the Phoenix zoo. It was a beautiful day and we successfully wore out the kids (and ourselves) walking around the zoo. The coolest feature about this zoo, in my opinion, are the splash pads. What a great idea. Kids get hot and tired walking around checking out all the animals and the splash pads provide a great way to take a break and cool off.

Here are the pictures documenting our zoo fun, in no particular order (I'm feeling lazy today).

Me and Tatum in front of the elephants. She was getting a little grumpy at this point.

Exploring a tunnel.
Jade and Grandma.
Another neat part of the zoo is the "petting zoo". I think calling it a zoo is a bit presumptuous since there are only goats there, but it was still a lot of fun for the girls. And yes we dressed them in matching outfits that day, pretty cute if I do say so myself. I was surprised we didn't get any twin comments since Tatum is nearly the same size as Jade.
Riding some horses.
Hey it's Mara and I in the same picture, a miracle!
Apparently brushing this goat was hilarious. :)

Mara is clearly enjoying this moment with her daughter. ;)
The coolest exhibit is definitely the monkeys. You get to walk through it so you can see them super close. They are the tiniest things. Grandma is supposed to be posing for a picture with the girls, but Jade didn't want to, Tatum was looking for a monkey, and mom is horrible at looking at the camera for more than a split second so this was the result.
Where is it?
There's one of the monkeys, right in the center.
Jade and Tatum got to ride the carousel.
After the carousel it was splash pad time. Unfortunately we went to the zoo on a Friday close to the end of the school year so there were a ton of a field trips and the zoo was fairly crowded. But you noticed it most at the splash pad. The girls were still able to enjoy it though.

Gotta love that smile.
 I wish we had captured the look on her face from the front but you get the idea.
 They were kind of chickens so I started to force them through it. Don't worry, they liked it. :)

 Hard to tell if she was crying or laughing/squealing.
Our day at the zoo was great! (Even if we couldn't even look at the stingrays without tickets, totally lame.)

After the kids took naps Mara made some yummy popsicles in her fancy new popsicle maker. Tatum was nice enough to "help" her.
 And Jade devoured them. I can't blame her, they were pretty yummy.
 Tatum wasn't so sure. She is kind of a texture freak and had never had a popsicle before.
 Proof that Tatum and Ella played together. They will be friends too. :)

On Saturday we got breakfast at T.C. Eggington's. This was top on my list of things to do after Mara and Ben took Brennan and I there last fall. They have the best honey roasted wheat germ pancakes. I'm telling you, so dang good. After breakfast I got my hair cut and we went to a couple of stores. Somehow I managed to not take a single photo all day on Saturday.

Sunday the fun continued with church in the morning, games in the afternoon and some delicious dinner. And then Monday we just hung out around the house in the morning, got an early lunch at Smash Burger and then we flew out early in the afternoon. It all went by so fast!

This was from our last day. Tatum loved to sit in the bumbo, silly girl.
Sunday morning we tried desperately to get a picture of the three girls looking cute for church but that didn't go so well, surprise surprise. This one makes me laugh though.
Tatum definitely didn't get enough sleep Saturday night. She fell asleep sitting up during Sacrament meeting. Unheard of. And don't worry I didn't take the picture until after the meeting. :)
Mom had a little sing along with the girls at the piano Sunday afternoon.

Here's a link to a little video of Jade and Tatum dancing during lunch on our last day. I can't get it to load on here for some reason.

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