Friday, May 24, 2013


It wasn't unbearably hot in Arizona while we were there, we picked a good time to go. But we still went swimming many an afternoon. The water was a bit chilly for some of us, but Tatum and Jade didn't mind most of the time. And I ended up with a lot fewer pictures of our swimming adventures than I would have liked. I didn't even get one picture of Tatum in the life jacket. It was hilarious. She loved jumping off the steps while she had it on. You could tell it gave her a funny feeling because she would do this nervous laugh every time.

Even with a pool in the backyard, swimming is kind of a lot of work. Getting everyone changed and ready to go. Getting all the toys and things you need. Having a newly potty trained toddler who has to go back in to go potty very frequently. A bee who seems intent on following you everywhere you go. A fearless toddler who ends up under the water, unable to get up, much more often than you would like. Cleaning up all the leaves that got in the pool the windy day before. Almost getting crypto sporidium when that newly potty trained toddler's mother ignores her pleas to go potty and she poops in the pool. (Haha, just picturing that still makes me laugh, Mara. "Everybody out of the pool!!") It really was a bit exhausting but worth it. I guess? :) It really was fun, I definitely enjoyed myself.

 Tatum loved this thing, maybe even more than the life jacket. She would float around for quite a long time.
 Sometimes Jade did complain about the cold...
 The water was definitely too cold for this little lady. She didn't like it one bit. But she was happy to watch us all from the safety of her bumbo. :)
 Mara with her two cute girls.

And I think I'll wrap up my Arizona posts with one last picture.
Mara asleep on the couch, mid-conversation, at like 10:30. I just had to get proof of how tired we were by the end of the week. We were definitely fitting in more than we do in our boring old every day lives. And the kids were definitely sleeping less. By the last couple of nights Mara and I would try to stay up and talk for a bit but we would take turns falling asleep which made it kind of hard. One time Mara asked me a question and before I even got a chance to answer, she was asleep. We were tired. But I think that's evidence of a great trip, right? Thanks Mara and Ben, for letting us come and hang out! Can't wait to see you guys again!

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