Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Arizona, Out of Africa

On New Year's Eve we hopped back into the car and drove two hours to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. It was so much fun! I'm pretty sure I was more excited about all the animals we got to see close up than any of the kids were, but that's okay.

The first thing we did when we got there was hop on a big safari bus to see some of the animals. We were all given a piece of celery to feed either a giraffe or the camel, whichever one decided to cooperate. The first giraffe followed our bus, I guess he was ready for a whole bunch of celery. Our tour guide advised us not to save our celery for another animal because you just never know. So that giraffe got quite a feast.

Here he comes.
 Dad just fed him a piece.
 Ben took our guides invitation to feed the giraffe with his mouth to get a big slobbery kiss. Kind of surprising coming from the germaphobe. :)
 Ella thought it was the best, she wasn't scared like the older girls. She even got her hand covered in giraffe slobber.
 Tatum watching it all from the safety of Papa's lap.

 So neat to be so close.

 Some of the other animals on the tour.

 The camel. Ella got to feed him too. The other girls could have but they were big chickens.
 Our guide with Chili Pepper the ostrich. I thought our guide did a really good job of making it fun and interesting.

 Me and the kiddos. Declan loved it. ;)

 We got to hear this lion do his territorial roar a few times. I wish we could have gotten it on video. He roared repeatedly (although it sounded more like he had a fur ball) and it would get more and more faint until he just made this little pitiful sound at the end. It was pretty funny.

 Petting Roosevelt, some kind of iguana thing.
Grandma was nice enough to buy some food for the girls to feed the prairie dogs. They thought that was pretty neat.
Tatum and Jade got to check out a snake up close and personal. It took them awhile to figure out where he was since they were a little too short, but once they found him they thought it was awesome.
 The tiger show was pretty fun to watch. It's amazing to watch an animal like that interacting with people he knows and is comfortable with. We also went to a hyena show. Those guys are weird! And their laugh is crazy!

Brennan, Tatum, Ben and Ella. As you can see Ella did not trust that huge lion behind her. :)

 Another group shot. Yay us!
 Leaving the park. What a fun day!

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