Monday, January 27, 2014


It has been a month now, but we had a GREAT Christmas. I'm telling you, holidays are extra special with these little ones around. It was fun with Tatum just starting to get it this year, I'm sure next year will be even better.

We decided to head to my parent's house on Christmas Eve and just spend the night there. It's probably the last year we will be able to easily do that. Tatum got a new kitchen from Santa so we set that up the night before Christmas Eve. I had forgotten that people said those kitchens can take awhile so we didn't start it until almost 10:30 at night. I think we were up until at least 1 a.m. It was awesome. :/

This picture was taken right after we unloaded the millions of pieces from the box and suddenly realized this was a bigger task than we were thinking. We were feeling a bit overwhelmed.
Declan wore his Santa onesie on Christmas Eve. He was pretty much the cutest Santa I've ever seen. 
We played the traditional Christmas Eve game of basketball. Mom took her turn being a cheerleader with the kids.
After some yummy soup for dinner, we gathered around the tree and read the Christmas story and sang some carols. It was wonderful. Christmas is such an awesome holiday.

We attempted to get a cute picture of the kids in their new pjs next to the Christmas tree. You know, like all of the adorable pictures you see all over Pinterest? Real life is so much different than Pinterest.

Here's Tatum coming down on Christmas morning.

I ordered Brennan a new water bottle on the internet. You couldn't choose the color, but I thought of all the colors what are the chances I'll get pink? Well guess what? I got pink. :)

Dad opening the rifle we got him. It was pretty funny to watch his reaction.
Tatum will her favorite person on the planet.
Macy and Tatum were entertained by the play kitchen for hours that afternoon.

We were very spoiled this Christmas, as usual. And especially lucky to spend it with our family who is close by. We did our best to try to teach Tatum about the real reason we celebrate Christmas. She loved playing with some of our nativities and talking about "baby Jesus" but I'm sure much of it didn't stick. Luckily we have years and years to practice teaching her more. :)

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  1. Haha, I love how Tatum doesn't waste any time. She just gets right to work in that kitchen.