Saturday, July 25, 2015


We had a great time visiting home and family this summer. Living so far away has plenty of downsides but one huge upside is how it makes you treasure your time together when you get it. Figuring out the logistics of our trip was somewhat of a nightmare but we finally decided that for a number of reasons flying into Utah would probably be our best option. It was fun to have a few days there before our family reunion in Colorado and especially good for the kids to be able to see Grandpa Rex and Grandma Jennifer. 

We landed Thursday late afternoon after a mostly uneventful trip. The jet lag wasn't too bad, thank goodness. We were pretty tired by the evening every day and the kids were up for one to two hours in the middle of the night for the first three nights. Luckily they weren't too crazy, just awake and in our bed. When you consider the fact that we completely flipped our days and nights I'd say it wasn't too bad. I think the long day of flights helps with that, your body can't tell what it's rhythm is anymore so it's easy to convince it of something new.

We spent Friday with Rex and Jennifer. They were nice enough to come up to Salt Lake to pick us up from Caleb and Marci's house. We then met Jentri and Abbey at Chili's for lunch. After a delicious and cherished burger we headed out to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country. They were super nice and got tickets for the kids to ride the horses but Tatum got too nervous when it was their turn and refused to ride. Declan, on the other hand, thought it was the greatest thing ever.

He pretty much thought the whole thing was the greatest. He loves animals.

This goat really liked Jennifer's shoes.
Aunt Abbey! Sadly we weren't there during her play performances. I have never seen her act but I would love to!

We hung out back and Rex and Jennifer's the rest of the day. The kids loved their yard and their toys. Brennan got to go to a movie with his dad and Quinton that night while the kids and I hung out with Jennifer.

Saturday we watched my nephews in the morning and then Grandma and Papa came to join us. We ran a few errands and then headed to Nathan and Stacy's house for Mallory's birthday party. So fun to be with family. Just writing about it now makes me want to go back. Why can't we all just live close?! :(

Sunday night we all got together for dinner again. So lovely to be outside and not sweating to death.

Love this picture. It is funny to be blogging about things that happened six weeks ago. This kid seems like an entirely different person now. It's amazing how much they change in six weeks.
Deep conversation about some important topic, no doubt. :)
Our stay in Utah was certainly brief, but we filled it up and had a great time.

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