Friday, July 31, 2015

heritage days

Our last weekend in Iowa was Heritage Days, my hometown's carnival. It was fun to be around and participate in it. The first night brought more fireworks. Declan spent a lot of time loving on "Rip" during the show. And he has asked for Rip almost every day since.
The next event on the docket was the kids fun run. Tatum did this same race last year and every time we drove by the football field where they hold it, she would ask about when her race was. It's amazing the things kids can remember for ages. She had a blast again this year, although recently she asked when she could do a race all alone instead of running to us. Apparently she is ready to be rid of us completely. :)

Declan participated too, but wasn't much of a fan. He tried to go before they said go and then I made the mistake of stopping him. He wouldn't have anything to do with running to grandma and Crystal and the crew on his own. Here he is getting mad after running approximately two steps. Coral shirt, center.
So then I ran with him. More like dragged him along while he was screaming.

Tatum ran full speed ahead.

They did a second race for every age group to do something silly. Tatum was supposed to frog hop to the first line and then run the rest of the way. Two frog hops later and she was frustrated (what's with my kids?!) and I got to run again.

My friends, Kassy and Gretchen, convinced me to run the 5k the next morning. I wasn't real thrilled with the idea but we had a really fun time. Plus running in Iowa was much more pleasant than running here in Singapore. My parents were nice enough to watch the kids and bring them to cheer us on.

Kassy and Gretchen.
Saying hi to Declan.
After the race.
After the race we headed to the parade. It was raining but apparently we are die hards. :)
Tatum, with the help of others no doubt, took quite a haul of candy. I didn't even bring a bag for her, so here is Crystal's pocket bulging with the loot.
Crystal's family helps out at the family free zone at Heritage Days so we headed up there in the afternoon. Ice blocking was the biggest hit.

We ended the day with a first taste of Iowa corn. It was yummy.
We left bright and early the next morning to head back to Singapore. My awesome parents flew back with me and the kids, which was super helpful. Our summer in America was splendid. We are so grateful we could go back, especially to be there for the family reunion and for Brennan to be able to make it to his brother's wedding.

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