Monday, November 2, 2015

our last day with Caleb

We didn't get back from Vietnam until about 1 o'clock Sunday morning so were were all kind of dragging in the morning. Due to a miscommunication between Brennan and I, he had to be to Church early for choir practice (he is conducting). So when we finally got ourselves going, the rest of us headed out without him. 

We decided to take Caleb to see the nature-y part of Pasir Ris park. It was hot. So hot. But we did spot a new creature I have never seen before. Since then, Brennan has solved the mystery. It was a giant mudskipper. Like this:


Tatum always loves showing people Pasir Ris park. It's easily one of her favorite places to go.

 And of course he had to try the maze. Miraculously, he did not suffocate in there.
 We then waited for our bus for over 20 minutes and ended up being quite late for church. After church we headed to Orchard Road to go up to Ion Sky for the view. Clearly, I have become far too accustomed to the haze because I didn't even think it was that bad of a day. Until we got off the elevator. Yeah, there wasn't much of a view.
So we enjoyed the airvconditioning for a bit before heading to Little India.

 There was a huge market set up and a lots of lights on the street for Deepavali which is coming up next week.

 A cool door.

We got to see a temple and Caleb did a little souvenir shopping. Other than that we just took in the sights, sounds, and smells that are Little India.

 We got dinner at a place called Mustard. The food was good but it took an eternity to come out and they weren't busy at all.
 After dinner we checked out the street all lit up and then headed home on the MRT.
 Declan was pretty happy, if you can't tell. :)

 The kids got to have Caleb read them some bedtime stories and then it was time for them to say goodbye since he was leaving early the next morning. Since then they have asked for him everyday. :( They also slept in until at least 8 for almost the whole week which was amazing.

 I said it on Instagram but I'll say it again. We are so grateful Caleb (and Marci and the boys) made the sacrifices necessary to come and see us way out here in Singapore. In 6 years of marriage we have actually never hosted anyone from my family for more than one meal (besides my parents here in Singapore). Being host is sort of a new role for us and one we definitely need to get better at. Thanks for being patient with us Caleb. :) I love all of my brothers and sisters and their spouses so much and wish we could see them more. I so badly want my children to know their aunts and uncles, to have them as additional role models and mentors. They are definitely people worth emulating. I'm grateful we had 6 days with Caleb, to reconnect and spend time with each other and for my kids to get to know him. Thanks for coming, Caleb. We miss you.

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  1. I am so glad you have had some visitors. Looks like you did a superb job hosting.