Wednesday, November 4, 2015

way too many halloween pictures

Well our Halloween festivities numbered far less than they normally would in the States. We had a Halloween themed playgroup which was a lot of fun. And it was a good chance to get Declan warmed up to the idea of wearing his Olaf costume. Tatum had an Anna dress up dress already and seemed happy enough to wear that for Halloween so we just ordered an Olaf costume for Declan and had my brother bring it out with him. The costume was perfect for Singapore because he could just wear the outer shell and leave the long sleeves/long pants jumpsuit off. Nice and breezy. :)

 As you can see it didn't take long for him to shed the costume and run around in just his diaper.
 That was really our only Halloween activity until the big day. Tatum was unbelievably excited about trick or treating this year. She really couldn't contain it. She also decided as she was getting ready that she wanted to wear the superhero cape my sister made for her. At first we tried to deter her until we realized she actually had a brilliant idea. Anna totally wears a cape and it is the exact color as the underside of the cape. It was perfect! She's a genius. ;) We tried to get some pictures of the kids before catching the bus to the Woodlands since we figured it would be darn near impossible to get them to pose for a picture once the night got going. Tatum was perfectly willing to pose but Declan wasn't having it. So we took a million and felt like we got nothing good. But then later as we were looking through them it seemed like we loved them all. So now we are going to share far too many of them with you.
 So. Excited.
Olaf, though, was so NOT excited. 

I'm not sure what is happening here. She is sniffing his head?

 Oh I just love seeing how excited she is. It makes me really excited for Christmas. Kids can be so much fun!

 Keep in mind that we were not saying a single thing about what she should be doing. Brennan might have been asking who is excited to go trick or treating or something along those lines, but for the most part I was just snapping pictures while she was giddy.

 Even though he was a bit of a stinker, I think he made a pretty cute Olaf.

 He quickly became completely fine with the costume when he realized he was getting candy for it. He also didn't mind all the attention and requests for photos. He created quite the stir, and as usual he ate it up.
We trick or treated in the Woodlands which is kind of like mini America here in Singapore. It is sort of the host for Halloween for the whole island. I read online that people who live there were expecting to give out candy to 7 to 10 thousand people. Can you even imagine?!

Here are a few photos to attempt to illustrate what the streets were like.

It did start raining which was actually kind of nice. It meant it wasn't too crazy hot and it also meant the kids were ready to be done before too long. We headed back to our friends' house who were nice enough to feed us and then the kids disappeared upstairs to the toy room that's about as big as our entire apartment ;) and entertained themselves for a couple of hours before we headed back home on the bus. I think the toy room might have been their favorite part haha.

As far as Halloweens go I'd say this was a pretty good one. At least we weren't covering our costumes with bulky winter coats. :) Happy Halloween!

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  1. That Olaf costume is fantastic. Another holiday down just means your closer to coming home. Wahoo!!