Tuesday, November 17, 2015

the countdown begins

Well the countdown is on. Our time in Singapore is just about over. There are a few things we are knocking of our list and a few others that we are trying to do again because they are our favorites.

We have heard good things about the Noodle Man but have never made it there. So last week we headed down to Chinatown after Brennan got off work. Unfortunately we didn't realize that the man of noodles himself is only there during the day making the noodles, letting you hold it up with him and watch him work, etc. So we didn't come away with the classic noodle man picture, but we still got to eat some yummy food. And it really was, SO yummy!

Tatum, slurping up some of the noodles.

 Stuffing my face with the steamed dumplings. I seriously love these things.
 Not really on any list, but it rained while we were at a park with Annabelle and Catherine the other day and we just let the kids play. They loved it. It was pretty funny when they were worried about going down the wet slides after the rain stopped since they were already completely soaked!
 A little ring around the rosies going on in the distance. I wasn't about to step into the rain for a better photo. :)
 Gardens by the Bay is probably one of our favorite things here in Singapore. Tatum absolutely loves it and her excitement just makes us love it. We headed down there last Saturday after naps.

Declan loves playing in sand. And he loves water as long as it's a pool or splash pad. But he hates beaches and ocean.
 We met our friends the Chipmans down there and Anna and Tatum had a blast in the splash pad. These two girls have got to be kindred spirits or something. I have never seen two kids become best friends so easily and play so well together. It's a fun thing to watch.

The splash pad at Gardens by the Bay is a little intense but Brennan was nice enough to change into his suit and play with the kids so they weren't nervous about it at all. He chased those girls around for ages, usually with Declan in his arms. And all three of them loved it.
 Tatum and Anna like to hold hands. A lot.
 A nice mid-dump shot. :)
 Best buds. They ran and screamed to their hearts content for probably at least 40 minutes straight. Where do they get that energy?!

 Hiding from Brennan. :)
 After the splash pad we got some dinner and then we headed to the light show, Tatum's absolute favorite thing.
 Laying down to watch the lights.

Somewhere around three weeks left on this island. I can hardly believe it. I hope we can continue to fill our days with sweet memories to take home with us.


  1. Those hand-holding pictures are adorable! Also I loved Declan's birthday cake. No one in my house is crafty, so my poor kids will probably never have cool cakes.

  2. I can't believe the count down has begun! Really?! Whoa! I am so sad that we won't be there to welcome you back to Iowa! So will Brennan work back up in Cedar Rapids? I assume you'll live with your parents for a bit? I need to message you, don't I?! Those Chipmans are going to miss you that is for sure. What cute friends Tatum and Anna are! -Hayley