Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Emry's blessing

Brennan gave Emry a lovely blessing on Sunday, November 13th. There's not much else to say about that but there are a few adorable pictures to share, of course. :) 

We were lucky to have some family there for the big day. My parents and Crystal, Rich, Caden and Macy of course. And then Rex and Jennifer were crazy enough to drive 18 hours from Utah only to be here for about 30 hours and then turn around and make that drive again. See, crazy! :) We were grateful for the sacrifices they made to be there.

They might have only been here for 30 hours but the kids still managed to coerce them into reading a million books.

We tried to get some pictures after church. I feel like people always have perfect, sweet pictures from events like this. But I always end up with awkward photos like the next one and forget to get pictures with half the people there or even a photo of our own little family. Yeah, I'm no good at this.

I do love this next one though. Grateful to my mom for suggesting we try again on the couch instead of the fireplace.

The Eskelsens were there but didn't get to the luncheon until later and I never got a photo with them. Our good friends the Ostlers and the Pitchforths came too, but we just got busy getting the food ready and eating it and no photos happened with them either. But at least I'm writing about it so I have a record they were there, right? :)

The sweet girl of the hour.

She's an angel and we are so grateful she is ours.

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  1. I was so stressed on Stella's blessing day! I wanted to get pictures of everyone and everything plus feed everyone and record the blessing, etc. it made for kind of a grumpy me. If it makes you feel better, I think you got some excellent pictures and captured the day well. Emry is definitely an angel!