Monday, November 14, 2016

Emry's early days at home

This post is mostly a plethora of pictures of an adorable little baby. Not much to say, I think the pictures speak for themselves. :)

The rock n' play sleeper is the greatest invention ever. Seriously, if you're reading this and you have a baby or are going to have a baby and don't have a rock n' play sleeper do yourself a favor and GET ONE!

The kids love her. Their adjustment has been pretty darn smooth. Declan was quite clingy to me the first week or so but seems to have gotten over that. Tatum loves her so much and wants to help all the time. She really can be a help but sometimes the constant requests to hold the baby can get a bit tiresome. :)

We have had an incredibly mild fall and it has been fabulous. Outside time every day is kind of essential for all of us. The kids got to do the traditional fall activity of playing in the leaves with Brennan. Emry and I came out to watch a couple of times, next year we will be sure to join in the fun.

Brennan used the leaf blower on the kids and the pictures are perfection.

First bath at home.
First day at church, 9 days old.
I love this picture of Brennan and his girls.

Showing us their muscles. haha

Playing a game they made up, Brennan was a good sport.
Baby toes!

Sisters in some Halloween get-up.
So many snuggles! And still not enough. She already seems so much bigger and less snuggly. Sniff.

The milk coma.

Finally a little of bit of binky success. We tried a few brands with no luck. She still doesn't seem to love the binky but she will take this one semi-consistently.

Declan loves to hold her too but his favorite thing to do is rub his chin and cheeks on the top of her head because it's "so soft!".

Three generations.

Some deep sister talk going on here, clearly.

A movie night. Snow White I believe it was.

Emry's billboard. :) The hospital we delivered at does birth announcements on a big billboard for a week after your baby is born. We finally remembered to stop and check it out on the last day.
Not that Declan was ever really seeming small to me, but now he is like a giant!
Haha, love the spread out limbs.
For FHE we told the kids the story of Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego. Family night doesn't always look like this but sometimes they sure listen intently and it needs to be captured.
Emry went through a real barfy stage. She doesn't seem to do it nearly as much now but there were several times when her whole outfit needed to be changed as well as that of the person holding her.
The kids got to get on the garage roof with Papa. What a thrill!
Grandma came and stayed in the middle of weeks one and two for a couple of days each time. It was a life saver. Look at how easy she makes it all look!

Making scones with grandma.

So much movement, so much blur, so much love for their little sister!

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  1. How come nobody told me about the rock n play sleeper?! I didn't buy any new gear for Stella, poor girl. Poor me, actually. I love all the pictures of the kids with their new baby sister. Those first few weeks are so precious. And you are right- Declan looks huge!! I hope the adjustment has been smooth for you all. You certainly make it look that way!