Tuesday, November 1, 2016

pre-baby october and old threshers

I realized I left out a fun event in my blogging. I think it might have even been back in August, although I don't remember for sure. My parents took the kids to something called the Old Threshers festival. Originally Brennan and I thought we would go too, but I was having some pretty serious abdominal and back pain that week and it was a bit of a drive and would involve a lot of walking. Plus we thought it might be a good opportunity to get started on the bathroom renovation. 

My parents actually took some photos with their phones, which is quite out of character for them! It was fun to see what they did all day.

Declan was thrilled to be riding the train.
So were these two cute girls.
The kids got to drive a tractor which they thought was the greatest. They loved telling us how they almost ran over some chickens.
This picture cracks me up. Knowing Tatum, I'm sure she was pretty nervous having that man standing so close and talking to her.

A couple other things from the first week of October. We always do a girls night on General Conference weekend while the guys go to the Priesthood session. It almost always involves ice cream. The kids got dilly bars from DQ this time and eating them was quite a struggle.
Declan actually did a decent job,
...but for some reason it really stressed Tatum out.
Tatum colored pictures of a lot of the speakers during conference as one of her activities.
President Monson and Elder Anderson were a couple of my favorites.

The day after my due date the kids and I joined my parents in going to Macy and Caden's cross country meet. It was a beautiful evening for it. We ran into Tatum's preschool teacher there and it was funny to watch it take a minute for Tatum to figure out what she was seeing-her teacher outside of school? whhhaaat?

Papa raced the kids back to the car.

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