Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tatum's preschool graduation

We got to experience our first graduation.:) When I was a kid we had an 8th grade graduation at the end of middle school and then high school graduation. Now they graduate from preschool, from kindergarten and who knows what else! 

Preschool graduation sounds a little silly and unnecessary but it was a really cute little program. They sang some songs and handed out diplomas. Her teachers made a cute little slideshow of pictures from throughout the school year and it was so fun to see Tatum with lots of different kids doing lots of different activities. It ended with a baby picture and a current picture of each student along with their statement of what they want to be when they grow up. Tatum's has stayed the same all year-a doctor! I have never been (and never thought I would be) one to get teary at happy or sentimental things but by golly I just about started crying at preschool graduation! I blame it on the music during the slideshow. :) 

The formality of the program gave me a chuckle.

Waiting for it to start.
Walking in with her class.

They sang several songs but this one was my favorite.

It really does feel like I blinked after she was born and here I am. :(

Enjoying a fancy cupcake afterward.

She decorated the top of her graduation hat with our family. It goes Emry, Tatum (notice Tatum has the largest star above her and Emry the next largest. Tatum was sure to point that out. :)), Declan, mom, dad.

With her teachers, Miss Joan and Miss Melissa.
Tatum is a smart, helpful, obedient, kind, timid and hilarious little girl. I love watching her grow and learn. We all feel so lucky to have her in our family.

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