Tuesday, January 17, 2012

around here

....this is how we are feeling. A bit pooped. Eventually I will finish posting about winter break and the time we spent with family. Along with some more recent pictures of Tatum, who is growing and changing every day. They really do grow up too fast. Sniff, sniff. Brennan started the new semester today which leaves me covering the nights alone. Oh I know he would help if I'd let him, but that just doesn't seem right when he is working and going to school and I'm just at home. But after teasing us with four remarkable nights in a row, Tatum has gone back to deciding that it is much more fun to sleep through the day and party all night. Leaving her mom feeling a bit like the picture above. (Which was actually taken when we were still at my parent's house. I had gone downstairs with Tatum when she decided she wanted to be awake at 5 or 6. Brennan found me in that incredibly flattering position a couple of hours later.)

So, yeah. We are alive and doing well. Despite the days and nights mix up we are loving our time with Tatum. It's a good life.

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  1. that's a flattering pose, Rach. You guys are champs! It's a good thing Tatum is absolutely adorable. :)