Thursday, January 5, 2012


It was a great Christmas for us this year. After getting the best early Christmas present we could ask for, it was just nice to spend time with family and cuddling with little Tatum. We headed to my mom and dad's on Christmas Eve and Mara, Ben, and Jade arrived shortly after. They were pretty excited to meet the newest member of the family.

The rest of the day held true with the usual traditions. We ate delicious soup for dinner, read the scriptures together, sang Christmas songs, opened Christmas jammies and watched the Muppet Christmas Carol. I'm pretty sure Tatum loved her first Christmas. :) Here she is opening her Christmas jammies:

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year so we needed to be to Church by 11. In order to get presents opened and lots of adults cleaned up and ready to go in time we had to get up and get started around 7. That's not really any earlier than any other year, but it was much more of a challenge for me than usual...I wonder why. Brennan and I were truly blessed with all that we received for Christmas this year. Having Tatum come into our lives really would have been enough, but we were spoiled. Brennan gave me some sweet new shoes, a jacket I really wanted and some Hawkeye sweats. My parents gave us a shop vac (they must have been sick of us borrowing theirs) and some new silverware so we finally have enough to entertain a group larger than 6 or so. Brennan got his wish to get a new outfit so he was happy. :) Really, just a perfect Christmas.

The tree on Christmas morning. Loaded with gifts.
Dad opening the Kindle Fire we got him. Hopefully he actually likes it and gets some use out of it.
Jade on Christmas morning. It was lots of fun to watch her since she is old enough to really enjoy it now.
Brennan opening his new coat.
Me and Tatum.
The Eskelsens came over after they finished opening gifts at their house. They opened a few more at Grandma and Grandpa's and then we had breakfast together before heading to Church.

Our little family in our Christmas PJs.
Ready for Church. I love Tatum's little elf outfit.
The rest of Christmas day was spent together as a family, playing lots of new games, taking naps, and eating delicious food. Thanks to mom and dad for hosting yet another fabulous Christmas. They put in so much time and effort to make it great for the rest of us and they probably don't know how much we appreciate it.

Jade loved looking at this little tree with Papa.
Tatum hanging out with her cool cousin, Caden.
Brennan showing off his magic abilities to Jade. She was a great audience.
It was a fantastic Christmas. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas spent with loved ones as well!

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