Monday, January 23, 2012

busy baby

Tatum is one busy baby. Just thought I'd share what she has kept busy with for her first month of life.

She went to visit dad at work.
The weather was unseasonably warm at the beginning of January, so she went for lots of walks with mom.
Helped mom make some granola.
She's always helping with the laundry.
She also helps produce the laundry by making every poopy diaper a blow out.
Trying to save the world keeps her busy, since she is Super Girl.
When she isn't busy with any of the above, she is either pondering deep and profound thoughts...
...or making evil plans to stay up all night or fill another diaper with incredible force.
As you can imagine all of this can really wear a girl out. So she is sure to make plenty of time to catch some z's with her adoring parents.


  1. What a cutie! Love her in the laundry basket. And love super girl!

  2. Such a cute little family! I love all that PINK!!

  3. oh yes. Rachel you look so good when you're sleeping! hehe. Now I want to try sleeping in a laundry basket, cause that looks soooooo comfy. btw- your new haircut is cute cute cute.

  4. i'm officially stalking your blog-hope thats ok. i like this last pic of you two sleeping, as well as the one of Tatum sleeping in the laundry basket.

  5. You do like posting flattering pictures of yourself sleeping! I'm proud of your self confidence! Hurry and book your tickets!

  6. Wow, she accomplished more this month than I did!

    Cute blog, BTW!