Saturday, February 25, 2012


Alright, confession time. I like country music. Okay, maybe not much of a confession, but it does seem to be fairly unpopular to be a fan. I'm not obsessed with country music, or listen to nothing else, but I do enjoy it sometimes and I LOVE Lady Antebellum.

I remember watching Pure Country as a kid. I'm pretty sure my sister brought it home from college or something. The movie is unbelievably cheesy....and I love it. In case you aren't familiar with this huge hit of a movie, George Strait is the star. And I went to see him in concert last night. But instead of looking like the man in Pure Country:

He looked a little more like this:
Yeah, not quite the young thing that he once was. :) But still good ole' George haha. My brother-in-law got free tickets to the show (which was in Des Moines) through his job in advertising. Brennan couldn't go because he had another one of those lame Friday night tests. And in the words of my mother, dad isn't much of a "country western" fan. So Crystal and Rich invited some of their friends in Omaha to meet them there and were kind enough to let mom and I tag along.

See, pretty nice of them to put up with us. :)
It was a fun little adventure. Parking was a nightmare and took us fifty years so we missed half of Martina McBride's performance. At the time I didn't really mind that we were missing her, but she was actually quite good so maybe I should have been more concerned. :)

George Strait was good for the first 4 or 5 songs and then he just played a bunch of garbage I'd never heard before. And he did not play a single song from THE movie.
I was so sad. He didn't even sing I Cross My Heart. What a disappoint, George, what a disappointment. I looked it up today, and the Pure Country album was his top selling album. And he didn't sing a single song from it? Unwise. But even when he wasn't entertaining at the least the other people sitting in the nosebleeds with us were. I think my mom got more enjoyment out of watching the two cowboys in front of us than she did from any of the concert. Good times. Even if George let me down, I still had a great time and I'm glad I was able to go. Thanks for the tickets Rich!

And a HUGE thanks to my dad for watching Tatum for me. I was pretty anxious about leaving her and probably would have been a wreck if it was with anyone less capable.


  1. I must say I am jealous, although only bc of Pure Country and since he didn't sing any songs from it maybe I shouldn't be. You are exactly right about how we got into that movie though - Crystal brought it home from college. We loved it! I love the first picture of Mom!

  2. I hate when they don't want to admit that everyone loves them for what made them famous. It would be like when we saw Paul McCartney and him not playing any Beatles songs (luckily he did). BTW I am loving your hair! It looks so cute in those pictures.