Monday, February 20, 2012


It has been a rough day around these parts. Brennan and I caught a nasty head cold from my parents that we are dealing with and the little tater tot doesn't seem to be herself either. She has done a lot of screaming today and even when I'm holding her will only be semi-content. I have not been able to lay her down even when she is sleeping until just a few minutes ago. Since she appears to be sleeping peacefully I thought I would get on and do a quick blog post about our Valentine's day. It wasn't anything incredibly exciting or out of the ordinary. Last weekend Brennan took his two Valentines out to the Olive Garden. Tatum was not impressed by our date and slept soundly through the whole thing. But it was fun for Brennan and I to be out together and to have some time to talk without distraction. (It was time to decide about my work situation and we had had very little opportunity to have a real conversation about it, so this time was much needed.) That was our big Valentine's date. What did I tell you? Not exciting, or out of the ordinary. But still fun.

On V-Day we exchanged small gifts. I made Brennan one of these cute little chocolate boxes. I would show you the one that I made, but apparently Brennan was eager to get to his chocolate so he just ripped his box open. So mine really isn't looking cute or impressive. Thanks, Brennan. :) We headed to my parent's house for some heart-shaped pizza and to find out who our secret valentines were. The pizza was delicious. The company was great. And Brennan and I discovered that we would make horrible detectives. Neither of us guessed our secret valentine correctly. I guess they were good at being sneaky.
Tatum all dressed in red in honor of the holiday.

While my mom was holding Tatum her bow kept shifting until it was right in the center of her forehead. For some reason that tickled my funny bone, and then my mom said she looked like a miner. That sealed the deal, I had to get a picture of it. Tatum, our little miner?
Now that we have such a cute baby to photograph, we take pictures of little else. Luckily we remembered to snap a quick one of the two of us on Valentine's Day. Me and my Valentine:
I have a special love for the little holidays. Nothing is better than having just a little reason to celebrate at the end of an ordinary day. Hope you all had a great Valentine's day too!


  1. I'm glad you got to go out...very much needed! By the way...I love your headband...SO CUTE!

  2. Lol, oooh how I love you two! Scratch that, I love you THREE now! :) Tatum is just too darn cute, I love that bow!

  3. I love her V Day outfit! And I'm super impressed by the heart pizza. I'm lucky if mine's even circular.

    1. My dad made that one Camber! My heart shaped pizza always turns out horrible, that's why I was so impressed and had to take a picture! :)