Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grandma Muranaka visits

Well we have been living in Iowa for almost two years and we finally had our first visitor from Brennan's family. I guess having a baby makes us more appealing. :) Brennan's mom was able to come out for a few days to spend time with us and meet Tatum. Considering how mild our winter has been, she sure managed to pick some cold days to be in Iowa so there wasn't a lot of venturing out opportunities. She was probably pretty bored, I'm sure our house felt freezing, and she didn't get to do a lot BUT there was lots of time to hold cute little Tatum so her trip couldn't have been a complete waste. :) It was fun to host a visitor and we are glad you could make the trip Melanie!
I take a lot of pictures, and she is just so cute that once again you get a completely unrelated picture of Tatum. Enjoy!


  1. So I am not very good at blog stalking...but after talking yesterday decided I better get in the loop...Tatum is so fun! I"m glad Grandma could come visit :)