Friday, February 10, 2012

I completed a pin

Thanks to a coworker, I was surprisingly early to jump on the Pinterest train. But I must have been missing something, still must be in fact. Everyone talks about being addicted to it and that's just never quite happened to me. I think I decided that that is, at least in part, due to the fact that I just pin away but never do anything with it. I think "oh that looks cool" or "those look yummy!" and I pin them and then never think about them again. So Pinterest quickly lost it's appeal. But I am happy to report that I have finally used Pinterest in my real life instead of just in my cyberspace existence. I made this spaghetti bread. If you click on the link you can see what it was supposed to look like. Then check out mine:

Not too shabby eh? The little weaving you have to do on the top started out real good, but it was sort of messed up in the second half, but you can hardly tell! I'll take it. Now this meal is really mostly about the presentation but it did taste good too! I'll be honest, it was nothing special or extraordinary in it's taste, just normal spaghetti and normal breadsticks put together (plus a lot of mozzarella cheese). Is it a meal I will start craving from time to time? No, probably not. Will I make it again? Probably. It was kind of fun to make a meal that sort of looked fancy even if it was all a facade.

Hopefully in the coming months I will have more things that I have completed from Pinterest to share with you. Hopefully.

And just because she's cute (and who wants a post with pictures of food and no baby?), here's Tatum:


  1. I haven't gotten on Pinterest yet. I'm afraid of getting addicted. But your bread looks beautiful and delicious! I'm impressed.

  2. I made something from Pinterest last night too. It was absolutely disgusting. I couldn't even force the kids to eat it. Glad yours turned out to be edible.

  3. Wow. Good job Rachel. I'm on pinterest too, but I guess I'm not crafty enough to get addicted? I don't know. I think I'll go and pin this, though. p.s. this is wendy. :)