Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's official.  Brennan is really and truly an adult now.  I know, I know, that happens when you turn 18, but really this is the birthday Brennan has been looking forward to for quite some time.  Why? Because now he can rent a car without an additional fee for being under 25.  When he expects to be renting a car I couldn't tell you.  I think he has rented a car once in his life and that was on our honeymoon. I guess that was all it took for him to anxiously await the huge milestone of 25.

After all the anticipation for this big day I'm sure his birthday was a letdown.  I ended up leaving for Utah that day, so besides a breakfast of french toast there wasn't much celebration.  The poor guy just went to classes and then stayed later at work and came home to have leftovers, study, run, and head to bed. Pretty exciting, eh? Give me some credit though! I'm not that uncaring of a wife!  It really just meant that he got to celebrate all week.  We headed to my parents house on Tuesday for his family birthday dinner where he was spoiled with a steak dinner and his favorite cake, "Better Than Anything" cake.  My parents were nice enough to watch Tatum for us and we headed to see The Hunger Games after dinner. I loved the books and surprisingly enough I was not disappointed with the movie. (It's not very often that I enjoy a movie made from a book that I have actually read.) 
This picture is totally a fake. He blew out the candles before I had the camera ready so he just staged it. :)

Since I knew I would be gone on his birthday we went out to dinner the night before and he opened presents. He got a new Wii game and the expansion pack to Ticket to Ride so we spent our evening playing those.

Tatum and Brennan at dinner. I'm not sure what is so interesting off to the side...
Pretty classy.  Leftover cake in a whipped topping container with a '2' candle on top.

So...now he's legit.    He can go out and rent as many cars as he wants since he won't have that unbearable extra fee. ;)

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  1. What a horrible wife! ;) J/k. Looks like you guys had fun. I love that Brennan couldn't wait to turn 25 so that he could rent a car. Haha.