Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our Easter was pretty low key but still really nice.  I got back from Utah at 5:30 in the morning the day before.  I'll go ahead and use that as my excuse for totally dropping the ball this year.  Brennan pulled through though and put together a little basket for me.  I'm sharing my treats with him, that's something right? We decided to copy a tradition that my brother and sister-in-law do at Christmas and make it one that we do at Easter.  Each Easter we will get each of our kids a book and we will both write a little message in it. I think it will be neat for them to have.

Saturday night we dyed Easter eggs.

I made some yummy deep dark chocolate cookies I found on pinterest.  They really were delicious but my cookie dough wasn't nearly as easy to work with as hers seemed to be in the pictures. It was a little messy...

Tatum's first decorated Easter egg.
She was not happy about her egg participating in the traditional egg wars.
After Church we headed to my parent's house for a yummy Easter dinner.  When I saw that Brennan and Tatum matched so nicely for Church I tried to find something to wear that would fit the theme.  Since we all matched we decided to take a couple of family pictures.  Crystal was nice enough to snap a couple for us and then started to pose us in funny ways.
Not sure what kind of face I was trying to pull off....and I think Tatum was done.

It really was a great Easter together as a family.  We did not forget the real reason for this Holiday.  We are so grateful for our Savior and all that He did for us. Hope you had a great Easter too!

p.s. Our camera is crummy.  Its stupid flash whites everything out and it just isn't fast enough to catch Tatum's smiles. Anyone out there have a really nice camera that they love? That is maybe somewhat affordable?

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  1. I haven't been on your blog for a while! holy post overload! I totally noticed the matching on Sunday. nice. And I like that face Rachel. Tatum is so cute even when she's crying. She still looks a lot like Brennan but I can see more of you in her now. That is such a fun tradition- the book thing. Wish I had thought of that. I like the "sisters" picture in Kalona. ha!