Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tatum's first trip to Utah

So Tatum and I headed to Utah on Brennan's birthday.  My parents were traveling out there so my dad could spend some time with his father.  Since they were driving and had room in their car I decided to tag along so I could see my brothers and their families. It was a fun week.  In fact I have found that it is difficult to come back to my quiet and somewhat lonely day-to-day after hanging out with people all day every day. A big thanks to Stacy for letting me and Tatum stay with her and cramp her style for awhile.  We got to Utah just in time for General Conference which of course meant girl's night out for ice cream during the Priesthood session.

So many girls!  And the lone male who accompanied us...
I went to a couple of Libbie's very windy soccer games, played lots of Old Maid, Go Fish, and Sleeping Queens.  Good times! And Tatum got lots of attention from all of her cousins.  I didn't get a picture of everyone with her, but lots with Claire and Jaren.  They were definitely the most interested. Jaren would lay down by Tatum and watch what she did so he could copy her jerky arm motions and funny noises.  It was hilarious.  By the end of our week there he would also start fake crying (loudly) whenever Tatum would fuss.  I'm sure Stacy appreciated that haha. 
He is a very willing photo subject, always ready with a "cheese".

I love this next picture.  Jaren is giving his usual sweet smile and Tatum looks slightly frightened.
There were plenty of willing (or in Libbie's case, not so willing) people to hold Tatum.

Mom played Bear in the Middle with all the grandkids upstairs.  I have a pretty sweet video of it that I might have to share at some point. 
Wyatt was sure to stay out of the way.
 Tatum and I also ventured out so she could meet her Great Grandpa Cardon.  Alex was nice enough to meet us there so we could hang out with him for awhile.  We are working on convincing him to live by us success so far. 

We also had lunch and spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa Muranaka. Lester even wore his Hawkeye sweatshirt in honor of our visit.
We also saw Great Grandma and Grandpa Harding, Grandma and Grandpa Harding, Dustin and Kim, Abbey, and Jentri. Tatum got to meet two of her cousins on Brennan's side as well.  It was my first time meeting Ada and she is over a year! We tried to get a picture of the three girls but I think we tried too late.  Neither Ada or Tatum wanted to cooperate.  And my camera was being dumb, so the next picture is all we got.  Pretty good, right?
It really was a fun trip.  Tatum was a champ for the long car rides on either end of the trip.  Hopefully she will be just as good when we make the drive again in a couple of months. We had fun seeing so many people and spending time with people we love.  But we are definitely glad to be home and happy to see Brennan again.


  1. Cute pictures of the kids holding Tatum. And Iove the one of the girls eating ice cream with your mom. So fun.

  2. So stinking cute! I'm sorry I missed out on all the fun.