Monday, October 22, 2012

10 months

Tatum hit the 10 month mark over the weekend. It sounds so old! There was no doctor appointment this month so no stats to report. Suffice it to say she is taller, heavier, and has a bigger head. :) But it has been a big month for development! What is Tatum up to now?

-She is WALKING! Brennan has been so excited for this to happen, but I just figured it would happen when it happened and didn't feel the same sort of anticipation.  The excitement I felt sort of caught me off guard.  It was just so cute and exciting and I felt so proud! She took her first steps about a week before she turned ten months and walks a little more everyday.  Last night she really shocked us by totally cruising around the room.  So fun!

-She still has two teeth.  But could be working on more.  Anybody else ever struggle to determine if your kid is sick or teething???

-She loves books. Certain books anyway. Her current favorite is "Who Lives There?". Much to my dismay she almost never sits through a Sandra Boynton book and I love them!

-She has a few obsessions.  Her biggest obsession is my hair. It's a little strange. But she also has an obsession with water bottles of any kind, empty or full. She just loves them. And she loves to play with doors. We have lots of doors upstairs in our house and she loves to sit there and swing them back and forth.

-Being outside is her favorite. We aren't looking forward to being forced inside this winter.

-She is getting opinionated. She will rip her headbands off now. She arches her back and gets a little dramatic when she has to get buckled in her stroller or get her diaper changed.

-Sleeping still isn't her favorite. She has been napping a bit better (when she isn't congested) but still doesn't sleep through the night. Maybe someday?

-She loves it when we sing songs. It can almost always distract her from whatever is making her cry.

-She now likes to join in the laughter.  It is the funniest little forced laugh. Probably the cutest thing I have ever heard.

-She still looks like her dad. Exactly like him.

Here she is on her 10 monthiversary, as my dad calls it.

 And here she is looking cute after Church on Sunday.

I can't believe she is getting so close to her first birthday! We love watching her grow and learn.


  1. She really is such a cutie! I loved getting to see her walk on skype. I was just rubbing it in to Caleb that he missed it. I am also excited to see what color hair she ends up having, since you are right, she looks so much like Brennan.

  2. Gooooo Tatum! Love the door bit. So random!