Tuesday, October 9, 2012

photo shoots

Just before going to Arizona my friend, Allison, asked if she could take some pictures of Tatum to practice her photography skills.  Being the kind and generous friend that I am, I obliged. :)  I still haven't seen all of them, but here are a couple she emailed me.

Tatum wasn't having the happiest of days so it was a struggle to get smiles from her, but I still think they turned out cute!

Then in Arizona, we took the three girls to the park to try to get some cute pictures with Mara's fancy camera. We aren't photographers by any means and getting three kids under the age of 2 to cooperate is a bit of a challenge, but I still think we managed to get a few cute ones.

This next one shows how pretty much how it all went. Especially when we tried to get all three. Pure chaos.
 I love this one. I love how Jade is being sweet to Ella and Tatum is taking it all in.
 Poor Ella got jostled around a lot by Jade. Doesn't she look so comfy in this one? :)

 Haha, love it.
 Ella was, by far, the best behaved. :) Even when she was being tossed around like a rag doll.
 This last one is probably my favorite from that day.


  1. Cute pictures. Tatum's eyes are just too pretty!

  2. I love the ones with Ella. So funny. I am sure those are some great memories. Super cute girls.

  3. She is seriously adorable! i'm excited to see the rest of the pictures!