Tuesday, October 30, 2012

goodbye October

How is it already the end of October?! Time goes by far too fast in my opinion. Why can't life just sllloooooww down already?

We have been enjoying fall and trying to take advantage of our last opportunities to spend much time outside. I am not looking forward to the cold weather forcing us indoors, especially now that Tatum can really play and have fun outside.  So what have we done this October?

We played in the leaves. Tatum really wasn't sure what to think.

Tatum went to her first Friday night high school football game. Okay, we really only went at halftime to see the marching band perform.  Good job Kelbs!

As you can tell, Tatum was mesmerized by the band. :)
Tatum learned how to walk! She started out the month of October walking with toys and now she can do it alone! 
We played "in" our sandbox. So maybe I made her sit outside of the sandbox and just reach in with her hands....I really wasn't expecting it to be used until next summer!
We bundled up on cold days.
Tatum tried on grandma's glasses.
We went to the park. A lot.

Dad wrapped Tatum up like a burrito. Over and over again. She thought it was funny. Mom took a picture.

Tatum got to swing in a blanket for the first time and LOVED it. Mom and dad got a kick out of it as well. Our little girl is swinging in a blanket! Such a milestone. :)

October was good to us and we are sad to see it go. We hope you had a good month as well!


  1. I see Tatum is even bundled up inside the house. ;) I can't believe she is already walking!

  2. That picture of Tatum in the tunnel is soooooo cute. Good job with that one Rach. :) The piano pictures are great too! That girl definitely has the hands to be a pianist.