Thursday, September 5, 2013

apple orchard and dog sitting

On Saturday morning we headed to the local apple orchard. It was beautiful weather all week and of course it decided to heat up that morning. Oh well, it was still enjoyable. 

Enjoying the tractor ride.

She chowed on this apple for quite awhile.
And then dripped all the juice right into daddy's hair when she got too hot and tired to walk.

Also enjoying the tractor ride...maybe? I was really hot, but I promise I was happy.

Carrying one baby wasn't enough for me, I wanted the challenge of two. :)
We decided to try their apple cider donuts this time. So yummy! For some reason donuts always sound good to me these days and these ones did not disappoint. Tatum is looking a little hot and sweaty.

That afternoon my friend, Gretchen, dropped off her dogs for us to watch overnight. Tatum loved every second of it. We probably shouldn't have decided to take them for a walk that night without a stroller for Tatum. Two dogs and a wandering and slow poke toddler made for an interesting adventure. And to add to that Brennan picked up a clay pigeon launcher that someone was giving away so we also had that to carry home. I'm sure we were quite the sight.

Tatum loving on Ox. It was so cute to hear her say Ox and Phoebe. She thought they were best friends. I think the dogs might have disagreed.
My mom left her paint clothes at our house because she was planning on coming back to help some more. Well apparently the dogs got too close to her clothes for Tatum's liking. I kept hearing her yelling grandma and I was so confused. When I went to check things out she was waving her finger at the dogs, yelling grandma, and holding grandma's clothes. Apparently she is quite protective. She then proceeded to carry grandma's clothes everywhere she went and dancing around like a crazy child.

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