Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The next couple of days of Brennan's break were, as the title indicates, anticlimactic. We were/are working on redoing our bedroom so we did a lot of painting during nap time and after Tatum's bedtime. And there were various other projects going on like our dresser and some shelves and all sorts of things. So we did a lot around the house. It might not have been the funnest of times but it was certainly productive. And we did manage to get out a little too.

One morning Tatum discovered we had left a bag of m&ms on the table and climbed up on a chair and started to eat some. I heard her before she got more than one or two, told her no and moved them to the counter. I'm not sure why I didn't just put them away...Anyway, next thing I know I'm hearing rustling again and I walk out the kitchen to find this:
I had no idea she could even get on our stools by herself. She was quite proud of herself and I just had to laugh.

On one of these lower key days Tatum and I took Brennan to the library. He never gets to go with her and I think she thought it was quite a special treat to have daddy with us. We also ran some errands that day so we stopped by Cold Stone to reward all of us (errands are not our favorite thing). We got an extra cup for Tatum and boy did she think she was special. (Warning: horrible iphone photos coming up, sorry.)

It wasn't the hottest of days and Cold Stone had their AC cranking. It made us all a little chilly to be eating ice cream and when I asked Tatum if she was cold this is the answer I got:

 Some of our errands were at the mall but for some reason Tatum wanted nothing to do with the playground so we took her to the train table in Barnes and Noble. She loved it.
 One time my mom put Tatum in a Kohl's cart like this because she couldn't find one with the seat on front. Now she insists this is how she needs to ride in Kohl's.
 That night we went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was a beautiful day and luckily we were wise enough to choose outdoor seating. Tatum had just gotten up from a nap in the car and was CRANKY. She also managed to spill her water within two minutes of getting it so for both of those reasons we were glad to be outside. They also had 99 cent kids meals that night so for the first time ever we actually ordered for our kid. That was strange. She loved the chocolate milk and we taught her to dip her french fries in ranch (our favorite) but she didn't each much of the fries or chicken.  Luckily Brennan and I were just sharing so we didn't struggle to finish hers off too. :)

Chocolate milk rescuing Grumpy Gus from her horrible mood.

 The next day we toured the hospital! Always kind of exciting but mostly fills me with dread. I hate hospitals. And I hate thinking about being in one in a couple of months and being in pain. A lot of pain. But it was good to see the hospital and know what to expect and get pre-registered.  The weather was seriously so beautiful all week. The evenings were especially wonderful so we spent a lot of time outside. And Tatum decided she'd had enough of our yard, she was headed to the neighbors'.

What a monkey. So a fewer slower days but we got some things checked off our to-do list and still squeezed in a little fun.

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