Wednesday, September 4, 2013

swimming and the Kernels game

We ended week one of "staycation" with a visit to the pool and a Kernels game. Unfortunately it was a pretty cool day so the water didn't feel wonderful, but we pretty much had the pool to ourselves which was nice. It is a well known fact that Brennan is a lot more fun than I am so Tatum was thrilled to have him at the pool instead of just boring old mom to play with.

She even got to try out water wings for the first time.
We staked out a spot under an umbrella but quickly decided that shade was not what we were looking for, we needed the sun to keep us warm.
After a nap and some dinner we headed out to the baseball game. It was Hawkeye night at the stadium and they were having fireworks after the game. Apparently we are really good at choosing when to go to places and events, that night had the biggest crowd in the stadium's history. Are you serious?! Oh well. We chose grass seating because we thought it would be the best for Tatum. I didn't realize just how steep the hill would be. It might have been good for Tatum but it was not good for my pregnant body, it was impossible to get comfortable! And since the stadium was so unusually packed we couldn't just move over to the seats near the grass when we got tired of sitting on the ground. 

Tatum was really good for the game. As long as we kept offering her more food or Herky and Mr. Shucks were in her line of sight then she was good to go.

Her favorite place to be was on my lap, though, which didn't add to the comfort level. But her sweet hugs and kisses definitely helped. :)
Oh the fun we have when dad is around.
Brennan took her for a walk around the stadium when the game was dragging and I was getting tired of being a jungle gym. She came back with a baseball on her cheek and a heart on her hand. She ended up with her face painted several times this summer!
I wish I could tell you Tatum was really into the baseball game (haha) but it was just the mascots that got her this excited. My favorite part is right around 20 seconds. She is so excited she just can't contain it. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention after we sat on the grass I noticed a group of girls in the seats that I recognized. I told Brennan I was pretty sure they were from Mt. Vernon and he said, "is that why Macy is with them?". We just happened to sit down right by my niece, Macy, who was there for a birthday party. Tatum was SO excited. Macy was really sweet and let her come and sit with her and her friends toward the end of the game, which Tatum had been dying to do the whole time. It made her night I'm pretty sure. I am so grateful for all the sweet, kind cousins Tatum has.

We managed to make it through the whole game and we were rewarded with a pretty great fireworks show. Not a bad way to end a pretty great week.

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