Tuesday, September 17, 2013

our latest doings

I never know how to break up posts or title them or anything. They all seem so random and just a hodge podge of pictures, really. Every once in a while I just feel like throwing a few pictures up and telling what we have been up to lately. Bear with me until I figure out a better way of doing it.

Tatum and I made a second trip to the apple orchard in August. It was a playgroup with a local mom's blog and it was HOT. Despite the heat we had a great time. 

My friend Allison got this great shot of Tatum as well as some others. The more I see of her pictures the more I think I want a fancy camera. (hint, hint, Brennan ;))

We got a tractor ride around the orchard, apple samples and free apple turnovers! So yummy.

Waiting for the tractor ride.
The tractor driver stopped in the river/stream/creek to tell a little story. Tatum thought it was awesome that we were in the water.
Thanks to Brennan's city connections from his internship we were able to go to the Fry Fest concert again. Chris Cagle was the headliner. I can't even remember who opened for him. We were able to meet up with our friends, the Lofthouses, while we were there and it was a lot of fun. Once again it was quite uncomfortably hot, but we survived. We also got there to discover that a lot of people brought lawn chairs. I never would have guessed otherwise we would have brought some ourselves. Luckily Brennan's connections were able to get us all some chairs too. I have a feeling the concert wouldn't have been very bearable without them. I'm a wuss. A huge thanks to my mom and dad for watching Tatum AND taking her to free night at the mall. Grandparents of the year award definitely goes to you. :)
We spent Labor Day with my parents. It was a beautiful day and we tried to pack in as much fun as we could. We rode our bikes (not sure if I will be getting back on a bike during this pregnancy, however. It was rather unpleasant.), played tennis, grilled, played croquet and had a lot of fun.

Tatum got to help grandma fill her bird feeder.
Tatum likes to "hide". Brennan will sometimes build her a little fort with the couch pillows and she has been asking me to do that for her lately. But I can never get the pillows to stay. So one day we decided to build her a more legit fort. She thought it was the greatest.
And lately she can't leave home without "baby". I'm hoping this is a good sign for the transition that lies ahead of us. Regardless, it's kind of cute. :)

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  1. Tatum's legs are so LONG! Wonder where she gets that from. :) I like your random posts, btw.