Thursday, December 12, 2013


Time for some quick catch up posts. I will probably just highlight the main events. Like holidays! I've always loved holidays, I mean who doesn't? But they are a million times better with kids, especially as they get old enough to start enjoying the festivities. This year, much like last, I thought Tatum would love carving pumpkins. Mostly the pumpkin guts part. But her reaction was still the same. Yep, she freaked out. 
But she did love painting the little pumpkin we got for her. She was quite proud of it.

While I helped Tatum paint, Brennan tackled the carving of our shared pumpkin. He did a mighty fine job.

For her costume this year Tatum was Herky, the Hawkeyes mascot. Our Craigslist costume maybe wasn't as creative as last year's bag of popcorn and popcorn sellers, but it was a heck of a lot easier (Brennan and I didn't even dress up!). Maybe we can be a little more on top of things next year. Tatum has been a big fan of Herky ever since the Kernels baseball game we went to that he was at. Then she saw him at a soccer game and then every sporting event or uniform became Herky in her mind. When we put her Hawkeye football jersey on she would run around the house saying "Herky running!". With this deep and abiding love she seemed to have for Herky it just made sense for her to dress up as him when I saw the costume. I never really thought about it being a boy's costume. But everyone thought she was a boy! Oops. She didn't seem to mind. ;)

Here she is at our church Halloween party.
With her friend, Ryan, who was a Hawkeye football player.
With her friend James.
Hanging out in the trunk with dad during the trunk-or-treat.
She just might be the cutest Herky I have ever seen.
The crash after the sugar high. :)
Brennan made a really yummy chili for the chili cook-off at the party and his won. Way to go Brennan!
Some cute pictures from a trip to the park around the same time.

Hehehe, quite a look Tatum, quite a look.
Halloween night with a very pregnant and swollen mom. Yikes.
Getting the goods with daddy. It's amazing how quickly they catch on to awesomeness of Halloween. Tatum would run between houses yelling "more candy!". We have created a monster. :)
Checking out the loot with Grandma. She has hardly eaten a morsel of it, but she was sure excited to get it that night.
Tatum got a little excited about suckers. I personally enjoy 49 seconds, where she insists the yellow starburst is cheese and 1:15ish when she is completely overcome with excitement. Enjoy. :)

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