Monday, December 23, 2013

Tatum turned TWO!

What the heck?! How do I have a two-year-old? This is madness. Brennan is done with school and only works two hours a day (and from home!) so we got to spend the whole day together as a family. It was a lot of fun! I hope we managed to make it a special day for Tatum.

She woke up to balloons in the living room. I'm thinking we could have stopped there-she was so excited about them!

 She had a birthday sign as well as a picture of Curious and George and a birthday cake outside her room. Of course, she wakes up in our room almost every morning so she didn't see this right away.

In this picture she is totally checking out the Happy Birthday banner we put up for every birthday. Kinda cute.
 Love her.
We got a layer of ice overnight she also got to do some ice sledding in the driveway. She thought it was the best.

 We decided to make present opening an all day task. I think this might be a tradition I want to adopt for Christmas too. At least while my kids are young and I can get away with it. It was so nice to just have her open one present and enjoy it for a few hours and then get another little surprise later.
 She loved her new baby and immediately started feeding her, burping her, changing her diaper, etc. Kids are pretty stinkin' observant.
Being a stinker for daddy. Lucky for her it was her birthday so she could get away with just about anything.
 She looks so OLD!
 A face only a mother could love right? ;) I assure you, I do.
 She requested a "George cake" for her birthday. I found the tutorial and supervised, Brennan did the rest. :) I think it turned out pretty cute. We both wish we would have lightened the frosting even more for the face and ears but Tatum certainly didn't care.
 Ripping into another gift with dad after her nap.

 I know it was Tatum's big day but let's not forget the little guy. He's pretty cute too.
 My mom and dad and Crystal and her family came over for dinner and dessert. Tatum was in heaven. Nothing gets her as excited as having visitors.

My mom made this adorable Thomas the Train apron for her. She loves trains. (And I'm too lazy to re-upload the photo so it has right orientation, sorry.)
 We played a little Pin the Hat on the Polar Bear. I'm fairly certain Tatum didn't get the concept but she loved being in charge of spinning people and telling them when to stop.
 Finally it was time to blow out the candles on that George cake. She is still talking about it.

Wow. It sure is hard to believe my little girl is 2. She is so full of energy, love, and spunkiness. She is too smart for her own good and her laughter is contagious. The last two years have given me the greatest challenges but also the greatest joy. And I have learned a lot about myself. I love being being Tatum's mom. In fact, there is nothing else I would rather be. Happy Birthday Tatum!

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