Friday, December 13, 2013


We had a great Thanksgiving! My brother and his wife and half dozen kids :) came into town for the week. We were happy to take advantage of our proximity to the grandparents and spend as much time with them as we could. Tatum was in heaven with so many cousins around and they were all so good to include her and indulge her. Claire was especially nice to be her little buddy. Tatum LOVES Claire! And Jaren didn't even let her rile him up when she was a punk and pushed him. Good kids I tell ya. We tried to fit in as much fun as we could with bowling, tag and liquid nitrogen ice cream at Papa's work, swimming, basketball at the church, games, good food, etc. And here are the pictures documenting the good times, in no particular order.

Brennan wanted to try out Stacy's DSLR so these three cuties were nice enough to pose for him.

Such a lovely "cheese" she is giving us these days.

We did a lot of lounging, like Tyce is doing here. :)
And Declan did a lot of screaming. He's good at that.
And Stacy did a lot of being beautiful. :) That's what she's good at.
Oh, and keeping the two youngest entertained simultaneously.
Lots of stories with Grandma.
And lots of doll house and polly pocket playing.

Caden did a lot of card tricks.
Jaren is so good around babies! I wish he could teach Tatum a thing or two.
Liquid nitrogen at Papa's work.
Brennan was kind enough to take Jaren and Tatum on a very chilly walk to the park. Mallory and Claire decided to join them. Brrrr!

 Jaren hanging out with the little guy again.
 And Tatum was actually fairly good around Tyce. She had her moments where she was overcome with the urge to push him but she usually just wanted to be by him and be his friend. Thank goodness!
We went swimming at the hotel. It was a great way to get out of the house during the bitter cold.
And that pretty much sums up our week. We are so glad Nathan and Stacy were willing to pile 6 kids in the car for an 18 hour drive. We had a lot of fun!

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