Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Arizona trip

I take too many pictures. That is why blogging is overwhelming and exhausting. There are so many pictures and I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet. So then I can't decide which ones to post. For this post I pretty much decided to include them all. There are a ton.

I had to get to Arizona before we headed to Singapore so I could meet little Lucy before she was walking and talking. My sister-in-law's father was nice enough to get us buddy passes to fly down there. Such a blessing! The kids were good for the flight and we arrived ready for some sunny fun with cousins!

Changing the order of pictures on here is a big pain so I'm not going to bother. This post might be all over the place.

When Ben was home on the weekend we went to the nearby bird park for some fishing. The kids loved throwing rocks in the water and generally being crazy.

These girls sure love each other.
One day we went to the new Gilbert temple to walk around the grounds. It was beautiful and the kids really enjoyed it.

Walking on the wall.
We were lucky enough to be there for Gilbert Days so we got to go to a parade. We were pretty close to the announcers who were two very annoying ladies who loved to yell about kids going in the street for the candy even though the parade cars were driving on the other side of the street.
Mara and I both have relatively new cameras that are somewhat similar so we did a lot of playing around with them.
Teamwork! Love Jade's face.
I love this picture from our hike, I just wish I had more experience so it wasn't blurry.
These are all from the night we went for a hike and a cook out.
These two were good hikers.

Reading books with Mara.
Happy boy.
The girls played in the sink one afternoon "washing" the dishes. Tatum looks a little worried that they are getting caught in the act. :)

Love this spunky little girl.
Declan wasn't a huge fan of the plasma car.

We played with bubbles on afternoon. Kids can be so easy to entertain.

Sweet little Lucy.

These girls. I just love these pictures. I hope (and think) they will look at these for years to come. This better be the start of some amazing friendships.

Enjoy. :)

Lucy and Tatum being all matchy-matchy.
Playing at the park.
More from the temple.

Feeding the ducks.

She looks so old!

It was funny to watch Ella climb around on this wall. Looks slightly precarious.
More from the cook out. Ben is teaching the girls the art of s'more making I guess. :)
When we got home from the cookout Declan had a blow out but stayed asleep through me changing him. Poor guy was pooped. In more ways than one. :)
Movie time.
Playing at the park with good ol' Rocky Dog.
Tatum absolutely loved little Lucy. She was always asking to hold her and even now when we FaceTime she always wants to see Lucy Lu.
Playing Doctor.

Costco. That place is crazy and maybe slightly dangerous in AZ. It made me appreciate the calm and quiet at ours in Iowa. It was nice of princess Anna to join us. :)
Throwing the ball for Rocky in the pool. Perfect entertainment.

We need a dog. Declan just loved Rocky.
We went to brunch at my favorite place, T.C. Eggington's. Best pancakes ever.
Bathtime is sort of a chore with this many kids.
All to soon it was time to head home. :( We sure wish we lived closer so these kids could enjoy spending time together more and so could their mom's. Thanks for a great visit Gardner's!

The kids did well on the return flight as well. I was very grateful for some green grass and sunshine at the terminal while we waited.

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