Friday, January 30, 2015

MacRitchie Reservoir

Last Friday some work needed to be done in our apartment and Brennan's work offered to let him take the day off to spend with us since we need to be out of the house for most of the day. We won't turn down an offer like that! We decided to head to MacRitchie Reservoir. We heard there was some hiking there and a cool bridge high in the trees. Somehow, somewhere along the line I got the impression we would be able to take a stroller. Definitely not the case.  We were unprepared for that and so we didn't make it for the 11 km round trip hike it would have been. Next time. :)
At the beginning of our hike. Looking mostly happy.

Brennan saw this lizard (no idea what it really is, so I will just call it a lizard) and thought it was pretty big and neat.
When we got to the head of the actual trail, where we would have to ditch the stroller, we thought it would be a good time to stop and have our lunch before we really got started. Next thing we know these monkeys started coming out from the trail! It was pretty neat.
Remember that lizard? Yeah, then he found this one and suddenly the first one didn't seem so big.
Tatum and I were both a little nervous about the monkeys. They kind of creeped me out a little bit.
More monkeys.

Just doing what monkeys do, being disgusting.

Both of our blond haired, blue eyed kids get a lot of attention here in Singapore. But since Tatum pretty much gives a death glare and a cold shoulder, Declan tends to receive most of the attention. This guy stopped and asked him for a high five and Declan obliged.

Tatum was whining about having to walk and Declan was screaming about being in the carrier. We tried completely switching it but Tatum hated the backpack so they both walked for awhile. Unfortunately Declan doesn't know how to walk, only run, and the path was quite rocky. Lots of falling was happening. But when he wasn't falling he sure was happy to be hiking and carrying rocks.

We never get to have pictures of all four of us. So here is our lame group selfie attempt. Hot and sweaty and the end of this leg of our adventure.
The tired and whiny kids suddenly have an abundance of energy when they see a playground. Fakers.

I think my favorite thing about being in Singapore so far is just being some place new, getting out of our rut. I am loving this time we have as a little family to explore and go on little adventures, instead of just doing the same old thing all the time. MacRitchie was a win. We will definitely be going back, but this time to the entrance that is closer to the bridge and possible with two backpacks instead of one. :)

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  1. Look at those rosie cheeks! So cute. And is that a Komodo dragon or something? Good for you guys for going hiking. It seems weird to think that you're having weather like that in January. The monkeys would freak me out too.