Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Declan turns ONE!

How is it that the days can seem so slow and long but yet the last year seems to be gone in a blink? Somehow Declan went from baby to boy in record time. 

12 month stats:
Height: 31 in ~90th percentile
Weight: 21 lbs 12 oz ~50th percentile
Head: 46 cm ~50th percentile

Things about Declan at 12 months (to 14, lets be real, I don't know what he was doing at 12 months or what has started between then and now. Close enough right? :))

1. He is a mama's boy. Seems to be staying that way for awhile. I try to remind myself to enjoy it, we all know it's just a matter of time before he is wrestling, fishing and playing catch with Brennan. But sometimes it's hard to remember to cherish this time when I'm who he wants and needs.

2. He is actually a papa's boy. I know I'm contradicting what I just said. He is a mama's boy as long as papa isn't around. When we moved in with them for 2 weeks before we came to Singapore, he grew a very strong attachment to papa in less than 24 hours. He was obsessed. I'm guessing papa grew a little weary of it but it was pretty much adorable to watch. (And kind of a nice break for me. :)) My dad just called on FaceTime this morning while the kids were playing. As soon as Declan heard his voice he came running over. I hope he doesn't forget him while we are gone!

3. He has a love-hate relationship with his sister. He loves Tatum and likes to follow her around doing whatever she is doing. But if she gets between him and the facetime video, or touches somehting he is playing with, or touches him it's excito siren time. This kid has lungs. And he knows how to use them. I love watching them play together when they are being sweet. But that scream is like nails on a chalkboard.

4. Declan's favorite thing is food. I swear he is always hungry. He never stops moving so I guess he just needs a lot of fuel.

5. He doesn't really have many words. He says "Doo" for Duke or dog in general. And he says mama but it seems to always be for food not for me.

6. He has four teeth, I'm not sure how many he had when he turned one. 

7. I stopped nursing him right at one. It wasn't a very difficult transition except that he wouldn't drink milk for quite a long time. It wasn't as concering as it was with Tatum because he eats so much food it didn't feel like I was starving him. And he made the switch from American milk to the milk here just fine. That can't be said for any of the rest of us.

8. We got rid of his binky a couple weeks after his birthday. I was headed to Arizona with the kids shortly after his birthday and I wanted it for the plane. Then the Monday before Thanksgiving we were headed home from something later in the afternoon and I thought for sure he would fall asleep without his binky and it would be the perfect time to start. He didn't, but I decided I would still try to put him down without it. He was really tired and fell asleep within 15 minutes, not bad at all. I kept the binky in my pocket though because I was still feeling chicken. When Brennan got home and found out he made me give it to him and he cut it up and threw it away.  I was a little panicked but it was the best choice we made! The transition wasn't bad at all and it was good to have him good and used to doing without it before the big trip and the adjusting to a new life.

9. Declan loves to put clothes over his head, around his neck, drag them behind him. He just really likes to play with clothes. I guess that is a simple enough pleasure, it just usually involves making a mess.

10. He loves Duke. He pets him and hugs him and follows him everywhere. Duke hates it.

11. He is either very sensitive or very dramatic. Or perhaps a combination? But if you tell him no or get after him at all he will find the nearest wall or piece of furniture as quickly as he can and very dramatically place his head on it with his arms above his head and cry. It is really quite pitiful looking and makes me laugh every time.

There are lots of pictures with the Happy Birthday sign. They were just too cute.

That face.

We had my parents and my sister and her family over for dinner, presents and cake and ice cream for his birthday. He was definitely new to the whole present opening thing but his sister was more than happy to show him the ropes.

And very unhappy to be told she needed to let Declan play with the new toys since they were for him.
I just did a simple construction birthday cake for him. So easy!
Such a hansome little mister.

On Tatum's first birthday she wouldn't barely touch her cake. Not Declan, he dug right.

A little peek a boo and a little pooping.

Happy Birthday Declan! We love you more than we could ever express. We couldn't imagine our family without you.

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  1. ah such a handsome boy I love the pictures with the happy birthday sign, adorable!