Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tatum's birthday party

I decided to do a friend birthday party for Tatum this year. She has gone to so many for her little friends that I knew she would just think it was the greatest to have her own. And boy did she ever. She chose to have a Daniel Tiger party, surprise surprise. Actually it was kind of a surprise. I assumed she would want a Frozen party. I read some Daniel Tiger books, played a few games then had snacks and cupcakes. It was pretty simple. Brennan did all the hard artisitic work the night before. Thank goodness he has me to help keep his art skills sharp. :)

Daniel Tiger cuties. Yes, he drew on each one. It was a bit time consuming.

The spread.
Katerina Kitty Cat bagels. I actually did those, in case you couldn't tell. ;)
Prince Wednesday cheese crowns and crackers.
We played pin the nose on Daniel.
Daniel cupcakes.
The kids got to color and make their own foldable trolley at the beginning.
Reading stories.
They all got character masks.
Stop and Go. Just like Red Light Green Light. So simple and the kids loved it. They probably could have played the whole time.

Pin the nose.
Daniel Tiger bingo. A little over their heads I'm thinking but they still seemed to enjoy it for the most part.

Caden was nice enough to play monster with the kids after they ate. They loved it!
Grandma was apparently who they ran to for safety.

For my first party I thought it went pretty smoothly. Short, sweet and simple and everyone seemed to have a good time. Most importantly Tatum was excited about it and I love that.

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