Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 3- south side of the island

Our third day in Kauai started out rainy. It rained hard allll night and it didn't end until pretty close to noon. The plan was to head south on the island that day and we went ahead with that plan hoping it wouldn't be raining there. It was, but only lightly and did eventually clear up.

In the mean time, Lester spotted a monk seal on a beach as we drove by so we got out to check it out. The monk seals are endangered so whenever one comes on shore they have volunteers who come and sort of stand guard to make sure people leave them alone. 

Next stop was the Spouting Horn.

Tatum looking adorable.
Melanie carved the kids names into a leaf.

We also stopped to see some sea turtles. We didn't end up getting any good pictures but if you look closely in this next one you can see a little head poking up.
These sightings were a lot easier for the kids than the whales and they loved it.

By now the rain was gone and it was a clear beautiful day. We stopped at Shipwreck Beach. We enjoyed watching the waves and had some snacks. Then the kids hung out at the beach with grandma and grandpa while Brennan and I did a little hiking/walking/exploring. It was absolutely gorgeous. It seemed that everywhere we turned was another awesome view.

The color of that water! Agh, take me back!

Melanie and Lester took us to the Grand Hyatt Resort next to check out their fancy grounds. There were these beautiful black swans.

 And Tatum got to hold a tiny turtle we found.

And she got to feed a bird.

We settled for the rest of the afternoon at Poi'pu Beach. We got some sandwiches from a shop across the street and just took it easy. Brennan did some snorkeling and Tatum tried. Plenty of playing in the sand and plying with the boogie board. And then we got to see a sea turtle up close and personal on the sand!

This next picture is probably one of my favorites from the trip. :)

Declan passed out in the car again. A sure sign of a fun-filled day. We headed home for dinner, showers and bed.
Just a daily photo of Emry, so we don't forget she was there. :)

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