Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kauai-getting there and Day 1

We had the amazing opportunity to go to Hawaii to visit Brennan's mom and stepdad in February. We were excited to escape to warmer temperatures, get away from every day life, and most of all to see his parents who we hadn't seen in almost 3 years. Well, actually Brennan has seen them more recently than that. They saw each other at his brother's wedding about a year and a half ago.

The kids were so excited to fly again. In fact a few days before we left when I pressed Tatum about why she was so excited about the trip her reply was that she couldn't wait to fly on an airplane so she could watch movies. Hahahaha. Good thing we are taking you all the way to Hawaii kid! Apparently we could throw on a few movies in a row  at home and call it good. ;)

I won the disagreement between Brennan and I about what time we should get to the airport. He thought we should be there earlier. As  it was, even leaving when I wanted to, we were still too early. Too much time to kill. Oh well.

We split up by gender on that first flight. Emry was asleep before take-off and slept almost the entire flight (all one hour of it haha). When she woke up Tatum wanted to hold her. She really is a good help to me.

We had a pretty long layover in Minneapolis. And quite a trek to our next gate. We stopped halfway and let the kids play at a playground and let Emry stretch out a bit.

On the flight to LA I was with the two kids and Brennan got the baby. When we were about to take off Declan instructed Tatum and I that we all needed to hold hands. It was kind of sweet.
Our layover in LA was scheduled to be short. We were already nervous about it and then after landing early (yay!) we taxied forever. It was bad enough from a layover stand point, but add to that kids ready to be off a long flight and the stuffy air and it was more or less miserable. Emry also decided to poop right before we landed and that usually results in a mess even if you happen to be able to change it promptly. Then suddenly Declan just moans "poop!" for all the hear. Excuse me? By this point Brennan had gotten permission from a flight attendant to get up to change Emry. Now we had a giant three year old moaning "poop!". Brennan finally took him to the bathroom too but there was no success. He was still moaning about it by the time we were able to get off the plane. We raced, and I mean raced, to our next plane which was already about half boarded. We checked in and then Brennan ran Declan to an airport bathroom hoping that that would bring no success. He was still moaning about his tummy and needing to poop after we boarded the plane. And then he was out.
Like a light. He slept for the entire flight and it was so peaceful! Tatum I spent a good deal of time building the lego set grandma sent with her.
Then she joined Declan in dreamland.

And we made it! Gramanaka and the kids were thrilled to be together.
We visited with Melanie and Lester for a bit, ate some pizza and headed to bed.

Our first day on Kauai we mostly explored close to home. They literally live right by the beach and they have this perfect little baby beach for the kids where it's protected from any big waves by big rocks.

 Trying to keep this little one out of the sun was tricky business. She was a bit of an awkward age for this trip. Not young enough to sleep a ton and be content hanging out in her car seat, but not old enough to sit up on her own or play with toys. But considering her age she could not have been an easier traveler. We were so lucky.
 After some morning beach time we got to see the house Melanie and Lester were about to move into. This is the view from their new living room! No, I'm not jealous at all.
 Looking for whales off their deck.
 Three generations whale watching. :)
 We stopped by Costco next to get some groceries for the week and after dropping those off at home we headed to Wailua waterfall.

 When we got back home we had to head back to the beach, of course. It just never gets old.

 The kids slept in the living room and did a surprisingly good job of falling asleep quickly while we all stayed up talking in the same room. Gramanaka told them stories every night which they loved.

We may do a bit of over-documenting on trips like this. :) So the only way this is going to be a feasible undertaking for me is to break it up into several posts. Stay tuned for day 2!

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