Sunday, March 12, 2017

day 4- Waimea Canyon

Day 4 was Sunday so we started the day at Church in Kapa'a. We got there right on time and the chapel was packed. We managed to squeeze onto a bench but the kids were on laps. We also forgot to bring them anything to look at or do doing church. Somehow we made it through but it was a bit of a stressful hour. The intermediate hymn was in Hawaiian which was kind of fun. I didn't think to take a picture of the church until we were driving away which is too bad. It was really pretty.
After Church Lester was nice enough to take some family photos for us. Unfortunately the position of the sun in the sky and the disposition of our children did not make for great photo shoot success. Not to mention the fact that I did the worst french braids in Tatum's hair. Her hair was a crazy, frizzy mess. 

After our mini photo shoot we headed inside for lunch and then loaded up to drive across the island to the west side to see Waimea Canyon. 

 Lester was so nice to hang back with sleeping kids in the car or carry Emry for us. He always got lots of questions when he was holding Emry. Usually ones he didn't know the answer to, like how old is she. And you'd have to know Lester but his responses to people were hilarious.
 The views were amazing. This was the little peek of the Napali Coast that we got.

 Our happy little traveler. Lots of time in the car again on this day and once again Emry was a champ.
 Declan fell asleep on the way up so he stayed in the car with Grampanaka while we the rest of us got out at the first few lookout points. I love his little sleeping position.
 Tatum is looking a little pasty in this picture. She did have some weird sunscreen on that wouldn't really rub in which is part of it. But just before this stop she complained of a headache and was clearly starting to feel carsick. By the time we got to the top she was pretty much green.

 We woke Declan up for the final stop because we didn't want him to miss the whole thing. He was still feeling a little sleepy though.

 Me and my boy.

 On the way back down the carsickness returned with a vengeance. Tatum started complaining of a headache again pretty early on. So we moved her up to the middle to sit with Brennan and have a window down for some fresh air. Unfortunately it wasn't enough and before long she was losing her lunch in a grocery sack I happened to have in my diaper bag. I was thanking my lucky stars I wasn't the one having to deal with the barf when Declan suddenly exclaimed in a teary voice "I'm hungry!". Oh dear. I was pretty sure hunger was not what he was feeling. Sure enough he was carsick and this time Melanie's insulated tote was the casualty. We made it down the rest of the way, just by skin of our teeth. We stopped to get the kids a soda to sip and to get rid of the offending smells.

Poor boy did not want to throw up.
 Tatum after we stopped. She looks like she was put through the ringer.
After she threw up she fell asleep on Brennan's lap and woke up doing much better.
 We made it home and needless to say we were all happy to be out of the car. Including this cutie.

The kids liked putting little pieces of bread out on the balcony for birds to come and eat.

Brennan and Lester went up the river on stand up paddle boards that night and Melanie and I took the kids outside to enjoy the evening.
 And to get some energy out before bed. They recovered quite nicely, as you can see.
 They even convinced gramanaka to race them.
The kids played outside for quite some time. Until at just after 7, when some grumpy, crusty old man came outside to yell at them to keep it down. They weren't really being that loud and all of their sounds were happy sounds. Sorry the sound of children's laughter and joy bothers you, you grump. We were getting ready to go in anyway, but it kind of soured the end of the evening. It was an adventure-filled day that is for sure. Even with the carsickness I'm glad we decided to make the trek to Waimea Canyon.

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