Saturday, March 18, 2017

february "in-betweens"

Time for my February photo dump.

There's something about tummy time that draws the kids. 

Declan has an incredible imagination and ability to play and make believe alone. Sometimes I love to watch him and wish I could get a little peek inside his mind.

Our little deer caught in headlights. :)

That face. Hahaha

Emry turned 4 months!

Apparently February was mostly a month full of taking photos of Emry. I guess there are worse things, right?

Sometimes I try to capture the wonderfulness that is Emry's cheeks but pictures just don't do them justice.
Declan got a new haircut!
We tried another sports class at the library. This time was football and it was much more successful than tennis. The more I just leave Declan to his own devices the better it goes. He does not like me telling him how to do things.

We went bowling with friends for family home evening.

They kind of love each other. ;)

Declan got a short-live (thankfully!) stomach bug the day before we left Hawaii.
Trying on some new headphones and sunglasses for the trip.

February treated us to some seriously warm, amazing weather. It was a gift. But kind of cruel, cruel gift since of course it didn't stick around. Spring will come eventually, right?

Playing football with grandma and papa.
Hanging out at the park.
Emry's first time swinging!

Tatum is such a good helper.
Declan drew his first person! He has always acted almost entirely uninterested in coloring or drawing or writing. For some reason on this particular day when I suggested he draw a picture of himself with grandma he actually whipped out a person. My reaction might have been a little over the top. :)
I like this "behind the scenes picture" I thought to snap one day.

This next picture comes with quite a story. One Saturday evening Declan fell asleep on the couch long before bedtime. We tried to wake him up and it was a real struggle. Brennan finally succeeded and then headed upstairs while carrying Declan. I called him back to hand him Emry too so he could get them all started in the bath. I double and triple checked with him that he had both kids securely. Even with his reassurance I thought to myself that it probably wasn't a good decision. Just as quickly as I had that thought I told myself I was being paranoid. No sooner had I had that thought but I heard a grunt and a thud. I went to the base of the stairs to find Brennan and the kids on the ground. I had moved all the rugs so I could sweep and mop and the rug by the bottom of the stairs had made the floor super slick. Sure enough Brennan fell while holding both kids. He fell on some cake pans that were at the bottom of the stairs and hurt his knee but he managed to keep Emry from hitting the floor very hard at all. She did still cry and Tatum started crying quite loudly because she was worried. Once I determined everyone was okay I was laughing hysterically. All of this was going on and what did Declan do? He curled up on the floor and went right back to sleep. Apparently he was tired. :)

I love this baby. In case you were wondering.
Sisters. :)
The kids have started a new tradition with Uncle Rich-reading the Sunday comics. They love it! I'm pretty sure Rich could say anything and they would think it was hilarious.
I love when it's warm enough for the kids to play outside. And I love it even more when they find ways to entertain themselves for a loooong time out there. Even when the results look like this:

Singing the song gramanaka taught them in Hawaii. I miss titled it though. They are singing "I hear you calling my name", not "I Can Sing a Rainbow".

And a couple more pictures of the star of the month to finish us up.
She's even cute when she's sad!

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  1. That's so cool that they do sports classes at your library! Emry certainly is a star. Pictures of her never get old! And those cheeks!! The Brennan falling down while holding children story is pretty good. Your description gave me a pretty good mental image. Ha!