Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Apple-Picking Weekend

Last weekend Brennan and I were able to go to the local apple orchard. It's not quite as cool as it used to be but it still provides a good fall outing. The best part is that they let you try as many kinds of apples as you want as you walk through the orchard.

Brennan scouring for some good apples on the ground.
The biggest apple I have ever seen!
Much to Brennan's dismay, I refused to leave without a picture of him in this lovely wooden Wilson's Orchard scene.
They have some pretty delicious apple turnovers there. (Although I would argue that yours are just as good, if not better, mom!) Way back when, my mom and I went to Wilson's orchard and Mrs. Wilson herself taught us how to make these turnovers. It was an experience full of a lot of laughs. I didn't learn much, but my mom obviously mastered the art.
Over a year later, and we still love each other. :)

It really was a fun way to spend our Friday evening. Mostly it just felt good to do something not in our ordinary routine.

The rest of our weekend was spent watching General Conference. We spent Saturday and Sunday in Mt. Vernon so we could watch with Dad and Crystal and Rich. Actually, the real reason we spent it in MV was so I could be present for girl's night (+Caden). I couldn't miss that!! We had tons of fun, from ice cream, to watching The Middle, to Caden getting scared out of his pants by a truck in the parking lot of DQ... good times...

Anywho, Conference was great, the apple orchard was beautiful, girl's night was fun, Brennan got two good test scores this week, and the rest of the week has gone smoothly thus far. Life is good!

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