Monday, October 18, 2010

Frisbee Friday

You know I was actually complaining about our life being too boring not that long ago. But it feels like we have been pretty busy for awhile now without any signs of change in the near future. That'll teach me to complain. :) Anyway instead of inundating you with pictures and a huge update I think I will break it up into a lot of posts. I'm supposed to be posting more often anyway, right? (oops!)

Last week was [my nephew] Caden's birthday. 10 years old! I remember when he was born, it is crazy to think that he is 10 now. I'm getting too old. We were able to go to Lisbon to celebrate with the family on Wednesday. It was fun to watch him open his presents and try with all his might to not show any excitement. Too funny.
It was fun to be there on his big day and spend time with everyone.

On Friday Caden had his birthday party with friends. Brennan has brainwashed Caden into thinking ultimate frisbee is the best. :) So for his party he wanted to do an ultimate frisbee camp and then play a game of ultimate. Brennan was obviously top choice for teaching the 15 boys all the fancy frisbee throws so we headed back to the Mt. Vernon area on Friday afternoon as well. The weather was absolutely beautiful and I think Brennan had a blast teaching frisbee. After he taught and they practiced all the throws, they did diving practice on a blow up couch that Rich gave me years ago. A great photo op.
Some of you may know that my favorite (or not) thing about Brennan is that he loves to wear a bandanna around his head when he plays frisbee. But of course he is the cool one, not me, so his style had to be copied as well. It was blue bandannas vs. red bandannas.
Here is Brennan with his red team.

After the boys played for awhile, we did adults (Mom, Dad, Crystal, Rich, Brennan, and me) against the 15 or so fourth grade boys. It was a blast!!
With the birthday boy himself.
Sadly, I'm not even bending over that much.

We got to finish off the evening by watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid (actually quite entertaining) and heading to the Cornell homecoming fireworks, streakers and all! Yep, you read right. Apparently every year some streakers make an appearance at the Cornell fireworks. Lucky for us they weren't close enough to our watching place for any emotional scarring to occur.

It was certainly a fun-filled Friday!


  1. Sounds like fun! Although I have a bad history with ultimate frisbee.... haha. I would agree, the bandanas have got to go!

  2. That couch is hilarious! Looks like it was put to great use. Fun.