Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Week

Well for some reason, unknown to me, I decided to blog once everyday this week. It's actually been kind of fun even if some (or most) of my posts have been pretty pointless. Hopefully I will continue to blog more often, maybe not everyday, but more often.

I'm at Crystal's tonight for the semi-annual girl's night while the boys are at General Conference. In honor of the Hawkeye game today I stole one of the kids' pieces of Hawkeye art. Last I checked the Hawks were beating Penn State soundly. Go Hawks!

Funny story about that Hawkeye game. They decided to have people wear black or gold according to where they were sitting in the stadium in order to have a cool visual effect. But it got cold here in Iowa this weekend so they worried that it wouldn't work because everyone would be bundled up in coats and such. Well I shared this information with Mara and she passed it on to mom who is visiting her right now. They checked out the game online, and the colors looked pretty cool. The idea was successful. Mara attributed the success to the fact that Iowa fans are hardcore. To which mom responded, "No they aren't, they had to buy tickets to get into the game." Say what??? You lost me somewhere. Turns out mom thought Mara said it worked because Iowa fans are poor. Ok...still not following? Me either. Why would it work because they are poor? Well, mom thought Mara was suggesting that because the fans are so poor they wouldn't be wearing coats anyway. Problem solved. The color idea will work in any weather with the poor Iowa fans!! Hahahahahaha, oh dear. Good ole' mom. What a hoot!

Anyway, goal met. One whole week. Woohoo!!


  1. Haha, we were wondering if you even understood the story but you did. Mom says she thought I was being sarcastic because they are so rich they went out and bought yellow and black coats!

  2. Well it was kind of hard to understand with all the laughing!! If she thought you were being sarcastic why would she bother disagreeing with you? Haha, good times.