Friday, October 1, 2010

It's October

And I can't believe it!! And if you can't tell, I'm excited!! I love this month and this season. First of all, I was born in October...I'm pretty sure there couldn't possibly be a greater month than that. :) But in all seriousness, it's just great. The weather is awesome. Beautiful during the day and a perfect chilliness at night. You can start having soup for dinner and hot chocolate for breakfast. You get to sleep under the covers, the best! Pretty much I'm just excited for fall and all the fally things that come with it. Apple orchards, camping, pumpkin carving, bike rides, blankets, hot chocolate, birthday celebrations, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, hoodies. What's not to love?!

And I leave you with a picture of our newest addiction. Puzzles. Brennan got one for his birthday and we just barely got around to putting it together. It was a blast! So we went and bought a 500 piece puzzle from the dollar store and did that one too. And now we have a stack of puzzles we borrowed from my parents. It's a great past time. I highly recommend it.
Such a feeling of accomplishment.Align Center

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  1. That's a neat puzzle! I have enjoyed your "post a day" this week. Are you going to try and keep it up? You sure look excited for fall, must be because you are coming out here to visit!