Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Reunion

Well I took disappointingly few photos during the reunion, but we sure had a lot of fun. At almost the last minute we changed our plans to go to Missouri and just stayed in Mt. Vernon and mom and dad's. Sadly we probably won't all fit in their house for much longer, but it worked this time. We had a lot of outings which helped us not go stir crazy. On the first day we headed up to a nearby water park. Most of us adults were worried it wouldn't be hot enough for us to enjoy the water. The water was shockingly cold, but as the day heated up it didn't feel so bad. I think everyone had a lot of fun.
Mia enjoying our midday picnic outside the water park. She was nice enough to let me share her towel.
We had back-to-back big days with Adventureland the next day. It was definitely hot enough that day. But not hot enough for our mostly adult filled Raging River raft to be happy about going under both waterfalls...very slowly. We were soaked.
We started off with a ride on the carousel. Claire was quite nervous and wouldn't let go of me for the entire ride.
It was a fun-filled day.

The second annual Cardon Family Auction was held this year. It was just as big a hit as it was last year. I failed and didn't get any crocheted animals finished in time for the big event. But everyone else sure came through. It's a talented bunch that we have, I would have been happy to take it all home with me. :) As it was we got an awesome tractor blanket made by Nathan and Stacy, a marshmallow gun from Caden, a boondoggle from Claire, and a pretty awesome drum that my dad made. We certainly raked it in.

Rich, our auctioneer.
Henry with his puppy chow, of course. No one dares get in the way of him getting that.
Jade getting in on the bidding. She seems pretty excited about whatever she is trying to get. :)
Mom and Dad made up an Amazing Race for us one day as well. We all got a little hung up on dad's clue in the library, but it was mostly smooth sailing for the rest of it. Unfortunately, Caleb and I did not win. I'll blame it on my teammate. ;) He definitely didn't eat his fair share of the ice cream, that's all I'm saying.

One night we had a fire in the back yard and made s'mores. Yum.
It definitely got a little dangerous with all those kids wielding sharp, long sticks. Luckily no serious injuries occurred. Messes were definitely made though.
Not sure what was going on when this picture of Henry was taken, but it sure makes me laugh.

I kind of felt like Mia was my little bud during this trip. She is so sweet. One night she held Jade on her lap while I fed her. You could tell she was getting real tired of the squirming by the end but she was a trooper.
So from the whole reunion, we have zero pictures of Brennan and only one of me. So pardon my gross look, but here's a picture of me and Jade.
This catching up thing is exhausting, but I'm almost there. I should probably try just blogging regularly, eh?


  1. Idk why you keep saying you look gross, you look cute! I love that picture of Jade bidding in the auction! :) It was a fun reunion!

  2. The reunion was a blast. Sorry we could not stick around longer. The picture of Henry sure looks mischievous. Thanks for the update