Friday, July 8, 2011

Timber City Triathlon

A couple of weeks ago Brennan participated in the Timber City Triathlon in Maquoketa. He did a great job, especially considering he didn't do a whole lot of preparation for it. He certainly felt it for at least a day or two after though. The race consisted of 8 miles of canoeing, 14 miles of biking, and 3 miles of running. I wish I could have gotten myself in decent enough shape in time to participate in as well. But I guess there's always next year. Brennan was on a team with Rich and Crystal and Dad participated as a team for the second year in a row. I think they all had a good time. And we spectators enjoyed it as well. For some reason it was all just so funny to us.

Here are Brennan and Rich before the race. Rich even got them matching shirts and bandannas so they would look like a team. As I took the picture I realized that the had different numbers on their arms. That got a good laugh out of all of us. He had to go back and have them write over it.
Dad and Crystal before the race. Crystal looks cold.
Apparently she wasn't the only one.
This is just a few seconds after their heat started. Crystal and Dad look like they are about to crash. Brennan and Rich are in the picture as well.
Mario and Luigi were in the race.
Rich and Brennan getting out of the kayak. They beat Dad and Crystal by just a bit in the boating. They would end up overtaking them during the biking though.
Dad and Crystal coming in on the canoe. Not the best picture, but it's all I got. Another team with bright yellow shirts came in probably 10 minutes before them and Kelbie and I falsely announced their arrival. Angelynn promptly cheered for them by name at the top of her lungs. As soon as she was done yelling for "Crystal and Grandpa" we realized it wasn't them. Oops. Mom instructed her to not cheer by name from then on haha.
Dad and Brennan getting shoes changed and nourishment to start the bike ride.
On the bike ride. Looking good guys, looking good.

Dad killed the bike ride, even with mom trying to run him off the road with the van a few times. Eek! Kinda scary.

Rich getting some water before he starts the run. Gotta love the bikers.
Brennan finishing out the run. Still all smiles and thumbs up.
And what's better after a long hard race then an ice cream cone? Especially when you haven't done a lick of exercise yourself...oops. Oh well, it was yummy. Forgive the gross face.
It was beautiful weather for a race. Everyone had fun and everyone did great! I would call it a success. Can't wait to try it myself next year!


  1. Love the bikers Rich! You are awesome! I wish I would have been there to watch the race - looks hilarious!

  2. Go Brennan! Rachel- let's do it next year. I'm so there. Big fan of the no swimming part. :)

  3. The race looks like a lot of fun. Did Dad and Crystal really crash? Brennan's bike looked like it has seen better days, was it the bike from Jim?

  4. Wendy- I'm game. :) But I won't be fast haha. Marci- They didn't really crash, I guess but they definitely hit that other canoe a little bit. Haha, yeah that was quite the bike Brennan had. It was the one from Jim.