Sunday, July 10, 2011


For Valentine's day I gave Brennan a fishing pole since he would always talk about how much he wished he could go fishing. Well a mere four and a half months later he finally got around to getting a fishing license and trying out the new pole. At first I was excited he was finally using it. Now I'm getting a little worried it's turning into an obsession. :) Luckily our nephew, Caden, is always happy to go with him. And even my cousin Lauren, who is visiting for a few weeks. Which gets me out of having to get up early to go with him. They went in the middle of a bike ride we went on over the weekend of the 4th, but didn't catch a thing. I think they went again that weekend, but still nothing. But Caden and Brennan went really early Friday morning and Caden got 2. Still nothing for Brennan. Finally on Saturday morning Lauren got 1 and Brennan got two. I think he's going to cook them up sometime this week so I will let you know if they were edible.

The happy fishermen.

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