Friday, August 31, 2012


I was just looking through our pictures and discovered that there is a quite a lot I haven't blogged about.  Nothing really very exciting but there are some cute pictures of Tatum of course. :) I do have a good excuse for my blogging hiatus.  I have been working on our 2011 family photo book.  I have been working on it pretty much since the first of the year (very slowly, obviously). I really wanted to just get it done so I could check it off my list so the last couple of weeks I promised myself that any opportunity I had to be on the computer (so whenever Tatum is asleep and I am awake and don't have something more important to do) I would work on the book.  That left no room for blogging.  So sad, I know.  I'm sure it was missed by so many! ;) But I finished the book, so now I can blog!

We have been playing with bubbles a lot lately.  In the tub, in the kitchen, outside, everywhere! I'm always looking for something new to do with Tatum. I find that I get bored with her toys and books much more quickly than she does.  So bubbles it is.  Like I said, nothing too exciting but there are some cute pictures if I must say so myself.

It is always amazing to me how much my love for Tatum can always outweigh everything else. There have been some rough days in the last few weeks where lots of tears were shed by both of us. And yet no matter how frustrated I am with her by the time she goes to bed at night, I am only overcome by my love for her when I see her adorable face again.  I mean, can you really stay mad at that face?! I am also grateful that the reverse is true as well.  She gets pretty mad at me when I let her cry at bed time.  But by morning all is forgiven! Thank goodness she doesn't hold a grudge.
 We love each other, even if both of our smiles seem a little forced.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. she is so adorable in yellow! is there a single color in the world that she isn't adorable in?! probably not!

  2. Love the shirt! Bubbles are always tons of fun.

  3. Those ARE cute pictures. She's such a character! Bubbles are the best. I want to see your photo book!

  4. i LOVE that last picture especially! -andrea